Friday, November 12, 2010

Strange pick up lines I've got

Two of the favourites are:
"I whish I was the water in your shower caressing your body"
"Your clothes look fantastic....on my floor tonight..."

Yeah, I know we have all heard them before, but I still think it's cute to get them, when it's genuine :)
Thank's boys <3

But - HEY - It's Friday if anyone missed it!
I feel like crazy every Friday! No, it's not my current look, but it sure looks crazy!


  1. yes fridays pwns friday ever: friday 13th when my birthday usually are XDD

  2. Lol! You crack me up! I needed that cuz my Friday wasn't so great. This weekend is looking up and I'm going to see CombiChrist on Monday! For sure a gold star day! I have missed so many concerts that I really wanted to go to this year, so I'm very excited.

  3. Och man får inte glömma den bästa av dem alla:
    Are you wearing spacepants? 'Cos your ass is out of this world!

    hehe :D