Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to the doctors office...

All those pills....and nothing...
I've been eating 6 BIIIIIG pills every day since Monday to recover from pneumonia and sinusitis and yet I feel no better. I breath like an old woman (hell - I AM an old woman!) and have a running snout like an
 old geezer. Tha pain, oh, the pain!!! See, I even complain like an old person!
This "Old-ora" must go away so the bubbly and breathtaking (opposite to the now breath-less*haha*) Adora can enter again. Where's the fun, where's the joy?
Yeah - I know - in Healthy town, not in Mucus-ville ;(
13:30 I'll have another date with Doctor Bart.


  1. The word mucus reminds me of sick cartoon by David Fitrh :D

  2. Aaa that sucks! I remember when i had pneumonia when i was a kid, first no-one believed me when i told them my lungs hurt like hell when i'm breathing the ice-cold air outside [it was like -25c] My schools teachers tought i was making it up so i wouldn't have to go outside at the breaks :(

    Ps. Maybe the antibiotics they gave you just don't work for that type of pneumonia? You must ask for some other antibiotics and hope they are gonna do the trick :) Hope you'll get better soon.

  3. lol sent oldora to hell.Its not the right time for her to come...Only in some decades maybe.;)

  4. Hope you feel better soon <3

  5. You look so fab for someone who's ill, so not to worry. I hope you get better soon :].

  6. Lol oldora, breathtaking... at least you keep your humour up and made me smile :)

  7. Ugh.. those pills look grose.. and even worse if they dont make you feel any better yet.. :/

    Hope you will be your old healthy self again soon!