Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas for the 3'd time

I forgot to update on the Christmas we celebrated at my dad's and his wifes house on Christmas Day. Have to add that later.
But today we celebrated Christmas for the 3'd time. Today with my mother and her husband at our flat.
This was the look of today
Dress: £10 at a London market, spangle tights: H&M, skull-socks: Lindex, shoes: Swedish e-bay

Cheesecake with milk chocolate ganache, strawberries and lightly whipped cream was what I served
Todays Christmas presents:
See my two cute gnomes and the new antique straw goat I bought

Synthia read on all the packages
And no, it's not one of my kitties to the right, it's my stuffed fox Marian Gold. I love her, she's so cute. I got her from Synthias school at a sale (crazy cheap). I thought she would have it better in my home where she can be loved than in some hunters cottage.

Thank's for at sweet 3'd Christmas. And what did I get? Money and sweet luxorious chocolate truffles.
I'm enjoying them now :P


  1. ...i love your hairclip *O*

  2. I love your nails in the 3th pic! LOL

  3. hahah oh dear fairlight's legs are covered in bruises :P aww
    just like me when i was little

  4. Remember me? I dream with you and you took a tea with my mother.:)

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    Visit me!


  5. @Melissaamorx: Yes, it seems to be a part of her disease Juvenile dermatomyositis. Her legs are always nicely dotted! Or it' based on the fact she's totally wild and jumpy :)