Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Earlier on New Years Eve we celebrated a bit at home with the kids.
Here drinking "Champagne" with a strawberry and eating some canapés
Dinner: Mushroom soup in a Schnappsglass, fillet of beef, roasted root crops, rocket salad and feta cheese in créme fraiche. I did good!
Then we went to our friends house for the party
And finally, today - after 4 years as an Australian, blond surfer boy (yes, I have teased him every single day) my husband changed back to black hair. He's sooooo hot right now <3
I made us vanilla panna cotta with strawberry consommé and rasped chocolate for dessert

TeeBee found a heart shaped crisp and gave me
but of course I doubled-dipped and dropped it on my skirt..
I wish you all a wonderful, fantastic, happy, eventful and  gorgeous New Year.
May this be your best year ever and may all your dreams come true <3
Happy New Year!!!


  1. Hope you had a great New Years Eve Adora! I loved those pics! :)

  2. Adora please could you explain me why seems always summer in your house? In every pictures you and your family wear summer dresses and I think that in Sweden is cold!!
    Could you explaine me plaese??? :-)

    Happy new year!!

  3. Gimme your foooooood! It all looks so amazing!

  4. @Lau: Hahah, well we do have radiators! It might be cold outside, but inside we have nice and warm :)

  5. That outfit is AWESOME! I love what you did from head to toe, especially the black dot make-up! Fantastic!! Wish my NYE had been as glamorous!

  6. Please Please can you post some of your recipes?? They sound and look so good!!! You guys are the cutest family i have ever seen!

  7. Va dom är lika dig adora!!!!! sötnötar! /kram Cake

  8. Wish you a fantastic New Year too, Adora!

  9. Jag blir fortfarande lika förvånad att era barn börjar bli så stora! Och dom är sjukt lika er båda! Alltså en perfekt blandning ;-)

    Panacotta gjorde jag åxå till nyår, den blev så god att man dog lite, det va första gången jag gjorde egen och den va sjukt mycke godare än alla jag har ätit innan! Farligt för nu drömmer jag bara om den..;-)

    God fortsättnng på det nya året!
    Kram Thina

  10. AWWS! your kids are ADORABLE in every which way of meaning it! and of course you yourself look absolutely gorgeous as always, love the make up. Happy new year!! öets have it full of goth magic!!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family! May your year be full of wonderfull things!

  12. You look amazing! glad you had fun, and please please...pleaasee give the recipe for the 'vanilla panna cotta with strawberry consommé and rasped chocolate' it sounds so delicious.

  13. Thsnk you lovely Adora. I love u :-* and I love your beautiful family!

  14. Oh my gosh your kids are super cute Adora! You're one big happy goth family. So cute. You should all get a family picture and post it up for us. Real Addams-family style haha :)

    much love! <3