Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making cocain-balls

Feeling creative, so I made cocain-balls for New Year's Eve. I usually call them Angel Marbles, but the ones I rolled in icing sugar sure made me think different...and I like to get a good laugh, so that was a better name :)
Warning!!! Never try anyone elses cocain-balls! You should never do drugs, but you can make jokes about it.
I lead evening courses in Chocolate truffle making sometimes, and this one is always made the first lesson since it's so easy and taste sooooo good. It's more of a candy than a truffle though..

Cocain-balls/Angel marbles
200 grams white chocolate
40 g cream
1½ tablespoon of room temperature, unsalted, real butter
6 tablespoons of shredded coconut
juice of half a lime
Roll in:
icing sugar or pearl sugar

Chop the chocolate and melt in a water-bath.
Heat the cream until it simmers, add the butter. Stir this into the chocolate and add the shredded coconut.
Pour in the lime juice. Stir and then pour to a plate and let clot in the refrigerator about 10-30 minutes.
Rasp out with a spoon and roll (quickly! It melts) to a small ball. Roll it in icing sugar or pearl sugar.
Store in the refrigerator, but serve at room temperature.

*To get colored pearl sugar: Add a few drops of caramel colour to the pearls and rub with your fingers.

I also made milk-chocolate ganache with rum, and dark chocolate ganache with coffee. It will set at room temperature until tomorrow, then I'll make them into truffles.


  1. That seems like such an interesting blend of flavors! I'd love to try it!
    Nothing like cocaine to start the new year off right!

  2. sounds delicious especial the dark chocolate coffee truffles, maybe you will post it a other day.

    lots of love F.
    have a wonderful week

  3. LOL!! No I will not try anyone elses cocaine-balls, just yours! Sounds delicious with white chocolate by the way :D

  4. Made them! Very nice but the butter didn't come together with the whole thing... maybe because it was vegetable butter. Anyway it tasted great, the acid taste of lime with sweet chocolate was so nice. Thank you, more recipes please!

  5. In america we call them Crack balls :)