Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Berlin 2006

Here I am ready to go and visit our friend Eskil of the band Covenant who invited us in since we were in town. He lived in Berlin at this time. I love his voice and their music.
My husband actually arranged their first gig as the band Covenant, AND invited in the record company that signed them back then. Good job, honey, you made the world a better place!

One thing - I HATE BERLIN!
Not to start a 3'd world war or something, but we went there in January 2006 - and it was the coldest week in our lives!! I have NEVER been that cold - not even now when Sweden is having like 10-20 degrees below Celsius. Always when we complain it's cold, we always says:
 "- but it's not Berlin-cold."
I can't belive how cold it was - we literally had on all the clothes we packed, at the same time, but still we almost freeze to death.
Sorry, Berlin. I'll try visit you in the summer and give you a second chance.


  1. Oh honey, I live in Canada , Come here and you'll love Berlin ;) aha

  2. You have to go in the summer! Winter in Berlin is not so nice,,,I have ben there in the winter 3 times now...but i like snow så its ok with me. But summer ore spring is the best!!!

    I can come with you and guid you around :-)

    Thina (men jag älskar Berlin i alla väder och alla årstider! Det är ju ändå Berlin<3 )