Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shabby chic people scares me!

The swedish variant of Shabby chic is more white, white and bit of zinc then the american flower, romantic way. But please, you must know when enough is enough!
I stumbled over this picture at
I couldn't believe it - but real persons lives here! It looks like an over decorated shop, not a home..
Don't the men look like they suffer?
I can understand a girl wants to live like this, it is kind of cute (I'm VERY embarassed to actually like it - moderately!) - but can you imagine a man living in this wedding cake home?! Wait - it gets worse:
He's supposed to fuck in this! Can't be easy to be real macho when your making love in grandma's bedroom?
and of course there can be no empty places, everywhere it must be garish..
and here's the dinner table
Okay, so she's very good at creating this shabby chic (/"grandma-on-cocaine-balls-style") to her house. I like to visit peoples houses that look like this - but at the same time I can't help myself from laughing.
It's ridiculus having a man to live in this ruche brash!
I'm very ambivalent to this style...I like it, but still I think it's sick.

My home is also all white. Everything but the floor in the living room (parquet) and my bedroom (antique oak) is. I'd like the floor in the living room to be white too, but my husband's got enough by putting white floors in the kids rooms. But I still work him... I want my L.R. to look like a studio, sort of..

I have no special decoratin style, I like many, but I don't like color, it makes my mind twirly. Not too much stuff to be seen (that is extremely difficult when you live 5 persons in a 5-room flat). And yes - I admit to having certain areas in the shabby-style - from time to time - not all the time, all over the place.

My favorite room of all times was our bedroom in the last flat (before all the kids). It looked a bit like a catholic bedroom. Perfect to be nasty in ;) Sorry about the ugly bedside rug - but it was a fun thing we had going from a Turkey-vacation earlier..


  1. Just my opinion but...look at the people in the 1st photo...really they seems not so happy...or amused.
    Maybe the white-effect: paralyze neurons.
    Or maybe the company...too much boring.

  2. I really like the pictures, but it's my opinion. Everybody have their own. ;-)

    You understand german right? May I write my comments in german? Sometimes it's a bit easier.;-)

  3. wow. you had been to turkey? did you liked it? tell us about ur trip. i'm curious cuz i'm from turkey, lol :)

  4. uuh i want to live in there *-*
    thats soo beautiful ^-^
    i love if everywhere is something to look at <3

  5. HAHAHA! I laughed so hard when I read "he's supposed to fuck in this!"
    I totally agree with you... I think the pics are pretty but it doesn't looked lived in at all. More like a museum.
    Love the idea about your old bedroom!

  6. hahaha grandma-on-cocaine-balls!!! Thats what it really is! I actually like it, in picture... but it´s too much ruffle and stuff to live in! or make love in...!

  7. Jag både gillar och inte gillar shabby skulle inte kunna ha det hemma! Men i rätt miljö, men det måste åxå va rätt saker, det första fotot ser sakerna så plastiga ut ....det är inte fint..Ska det va så ska det se gammalt och slitet ut.

    Jag avskyr att ha har massa färg,,knallrosa kök åså..hehe..
    Jag gillar att blanda, köket ska va kitchigt men sovrummet och vardagsrummet med goth. fast sen har vi sjukt övermöblerat...behöver ha betydligt mer yta...


  8. Speaking of home decor... could you make a post about your own home? With pictures of course. :) I already know that you have the most adorable shower curtain, but I'd like to see more nice details in your apartment. ;)