Friday, January 28, 2011

Adora BatBrat inspired makeup tutorial (dramatic)

I just found this! So cute <3
My Friday just got even better :) The worst part is she does my look better then I do...

The only difference is that I have mini-hearts instead of dots at the ends. I do love hearts...and dots..
All the pictures are from the M'era Luna festival, Germany 2010

Here with my pretty, pretty sister Jenny and her pretty, pretty boyfriend Mattias (of band D-Tox)


  1. cuute!♥ can you make like a video or a list f the diet you follow??? pleaseeee!! :D

  2. I am a new fan of yours and I just need to say that I think you are wonderful. I am a 26 year old mother who wishes she had the courage to be myself everyday, just like you. Thank you for just being yourself. Love from Kentucky, USA.

  3. Great video! Reminds me of one of yours.."A little bit more black..."...little more black....just for kicks one more time."

  4. How fun!

    Also, hi, MythMichelle! I hail from Kentucky, too.

  5. Shes so cute! But so are you!!! Have a nice weekend!

  6. omg its my video ! :D
    im so happy you liked it , i just love youre style so i thought i would try to make it :)

    thanks so much

  7. love the tute @CheshireDevine, you did a great job!

    Adora ur photos at the festival are epic!