Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pretty me

Found some other old pictures of me. They are all from different concerts. About 2001 (29 years old will that make me on those shoots - haha, and I thought I was like 23 here...)
Holy macarony - I really had my boobs out back then!
I will make it one of my new years resolution; to put them out there more.
 How cute, you can see my dimple on my cheek <3
Don't tell anyone - but I'm actually at a toilet peeing while my friend took this shoot. I of course had to cut out the lower half of the picture ;) Silly us, with all our toilet-shoots...


  1. Hurray! I am the first one to comment! :D Those pictures are really hot! Especially the last one where it looks like you are up to something..? ;) but that just made the picture even better! You are pretty as always Adora! and you wanne know something? I thought you were 23-24 or seomthing when you were 36 and got shocked when I found out about your real age! I had almost dive into the computer screen so if I could tell if that was right, but I couldn't. It's because you are THAT pretty! And you haven't aged at all! :)

  2. Nothing more to say! You are just and only ADORABLE! :)

  3. LOL I also have a peeing pic - mum took it XDD

  4. Adora, I must know where you stash your fountain of youth. And WHAT must I do to obtain my own?! If you tell me it's genes, I'm fucked.

  5. Adora I've following you for weeks and now that I have my very own profile (yeah!) I can tell that you're gorgeous: a spark of happiness and creativity :3 if there were more like you, the world would be for sure a greater place...
    Keep it up ;) kisses from Italy <3

  6. From the first time I discovered you on youtube I loved you.
    I also love Sverige.
    You are original and special!


  7. You're so frickin gorgeus! Can't believe you're 39, thought you were like 24-26'isch! I was wondering, could you perhaps do a post about your diet? Like what you eat during one week or something, I really want to try it but I feel a bit uninspired atm :/ Xxo

  8. You are so cute <3 I like your style in all your pictures.

  9. Wow! The nurse-look picture is stunning, even a little bit erotic, if you ignore all the pee-fact XD
    Silly friends making pictures of us while urinating XD. But hey, those are the best pictures on concert!