Friday, January 21, 2011

Me want!

I'm so in love right now! The white plate with the simple skull in the middle is so magnificent! I'm thinking appelpie and home made vanilla ice cream when I see it...or perhaps an appetizer with spinach, smoked salmon and feta cheese tartlet with pine nuts...
Can be bought here for $39.80
And this is just so luxurious! I couldn't eat anything but tenderloin with a red wine sause added a hint of thyme on it.
Read about it here. It costs horrendous £21!!!
And this would look fine with a slice (or two) of cinnamon cheesecake with lime glaze
Can be bought here for $7.
Perhaps it's time to get started on my Christmas wish list already...


  1. Awesome! I found a shop that sells skull cameo necklaces that I thought were really elegant, I want one! :)

  2. Oooh, I saw those very skull plates at Target this past Halloween! Sadly, though, I waiting just too long and missed my chance to get them—I'm glad to know where I can find them now!

  3. They look awesome!! WANT!

  4. I have some Montignac questions to ask. I just got the book in the mail today and I plan to read it a.s.a.p. I live in the U.S. and from the recipe book reviews I've read, it seems like it's difficult to find some ingredients in the U.S. Can you give me some insight? Suggestions? Thanks so much! ~Jana

  5. @Jana Try Michel Montignac Recipes and Menus Adapted for North America. It's on my Amazon wish list since the recipes in the Montignac book I found at the book store had ingredients that were too hard to find and expensive. :)

  6. i bought this cute zombie girl plate ( at etsy. not too expecive either. couldn´t find any plates with skulls on them but i still think this shop has a lot of goodies! (BeatUpCreations)

  7. Love them <3
    I've founded something similare for halloween by they were made in plastic ç_ç

  8. Oh my... I want those so badly! I adore your blog, and you are absolutely stunning!!

    Greetings from your 'neighbor' (from finland)! :)