Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Montignac Method lunch

According to Mr Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal (but you should still be moderate in Phase 1).
Here's an example of a Phase 1 lunch (don't forget to have a fruit 20 minutes before):
and again - as much as you want
  • sausage with a meet percentage above 80%
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • ruccola
  • cucumber
  • green olives
  • sun dried tomatoes

  • crisp bread served with
  • philadelphia
  • fried egg
If you rather want to have beans/peas/lentils/fullgrain pasta or bulgur in this meal you have to remove the sausage and philadelphia.
This dish can be changed for eternity.

Fat + fibres are ok (sausage, Philadephia + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms) or
Carbohydrates + fibres are ok (beans, peas, fullgrain pasta and so on + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms).
The no-no is: Fat + carbohydrates.


  1. I think it looks very delicious and good for a semivegetarian. =)
    Maybe I should try that...

  2. does that mean in order to gain weight, I should eat fats and carbs? as it's a big no-no, reverse diet :D

  3. @Simona: Haha, I like your reverse diet! Yes, that's true.

    When I get really sick with high fever and can't eat I usually lose 3 kilos in a week, and then my body is sooooo weak, then I use the "reverse diet" :) to get well faster.
    It takes me about 3 weeks to get back to normal after a really bad flue. But as in no diets it's good to over do it.
    But if you have been sick (you should always use vitamines and things from the pharmacy that balances your minerals while sick) it is very important to get your body back up to your normal weight, and eating loads of potatoes and cream can get you there faster :)
    But to gain weight you can still eat according to Montignac, but add carbohydrates to fibres and fat. Then you will get a healhy body but still adding weight :)

  4. Thank You Adora, that's really helpful :)

  5. Adora,vegetables contain carbohydrate,I guess ;s Can I eat them combined with meat or egges?
    Can you please tell us what food should not combine? (:

  6. Hi Adora, according to what you've written is it right to consider Egg as Fibre?? I would have thought eggs as fat.. tnx so much for your diet advices :)

  7. this looks like it would be a good thing to start but,
    Adora do you think the Montignac Method would be good for a vegetarian looking to lose 20kg?