Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Montignac Method vs anorexia nervosa

Forgot to mention - I'm not on the Montignac Method to loose weight. I am skinny enough.
But I used the Phase 1 every time to loose my weight after the pregnancies, and by this method alone (no additional training) I've lost a total of (are you ready?) 56 kilos! That is more than my weight today! I've lost a whole me by just changing my diet! 13+21+22=56 kilos.
(And for those who wonders: No, my kids don't eat according to Montignac)

First when I started out 10 years ago it was because I got an gastric catarrh and needed to stop eating crazy amounts of crisps and potatoe gratins flowing over with cream all day long (and I wanted my husband to be that skinny bitch he was when we met).
I was for real a crisp junkie. I had my stashes all over the place. And this is no joke!

I needed to find a way to still be able to eat like the horse my friends thinks I am (I don't know how, but I can eat more than a grown man - easily!) and get rid of that catarrh at the same time. And, ta-daa, my friend Mr N introduced us to the father of all GI-diets -Mr Montignac.

I like to look like an anorexic - without being one. <------Very important!
I'm totally honest, the skinny, on the verge to anorexic (not skin over skeleton) is a look that appeals to me (we all have different preferences, that's mine). But I would NEVER stop eating! And, I am naturally slim, so are both my parents.
Many girls wants to be skinnier (for whatever the reason) and I sure as hell rather see them loose their weight with the Montignac Method eating healthy than to stop eating and develop anorexia. You can thank me later, moms.
I'm a living (healthier) proof to that you still can be skinny without stop eating.

I've seen my pictures on "thinspiration"-sites and videos, and that's a bit scary, I can only just hope that people know I'm skinny because I eat, not because I don't.

Being an anorexic is a horrible, horrible desease that slowly kills you, and if you survive back you have damaged your inner organs and brain in ways that might not show until later in life.
You can become "sober", but unlike an alcoholic that just have to stay away from alcohol the rest of their life, you can't stay away from food. You will have to live with your disease everytime you eat.

I know an elderly lady that starved herself in the youth (because she was living a glitterati lifestyle as a dancer) and she's got permanent back pain (because of osteoporosis) causing her to bend foward as she walks, a tummy that can't hold her food causing either constipation or diarrea (yes, girls, that's the future. Like wearing diapers?) and damage on her short time memory. According to her doctor because of the many years of anorexia.
I can't tell you enough how many times she'd told me that if she could turn back time she wouldn't starved herself in the youth knowing this would be the future...she is very sad about this.

I can't tell you not to loose weight, because if you want to you will only do it another way so I will give you what I consider a good method.
A lot more can be said about anorexia, but I'll leave it like this for now.

I know I'm very controversial saying I like to look anorexic, but I can only just hope I'm allowed to tell the truth on how my mind works (I will be sooo whipped because of this...). Oh well...


  1. Very inspiring. To be honest, anorexia seemed like a likely possibility for me at one point in my life, but my eyes were thankfully opened. I hope this post does the same for some insecure girl or boy out there. ^w^

  2. I totally agree, anorexia is an illness. Eating healthy isnt. I've started a similar diet which is based on glycemic index and its going so well. I think as long as your healthy it doesnt matter how you look.
    Some people are naturally thin and some arent we just have to accept ourselves in our own body.

  3. Jag är glad att du skrev det här. Mest på grund av att du skrev om vad som kan hända om man utvecklar ätstörningar. Jag hade ätstörningar i 3 år, vilket kanske inte låter som så mycket för andra. Men min kropp är redan förstörd. Jag rasade i vikt alldeles för fort, drack för lite och åt ingenting. Jag tappade hår, fick hudproblem, frös hela tiden och bröt ihop flera gånger om dagen. Men det tog stopp till slut. Min kropp sa ifrån.

    Nu har jag haft problem med min mage i snart 1 ½ år. Ingen läkare vet hur de ska kunna hjälpa mig, de vet knappt vad som är fel. Jag lever med ett konstant illamående, får såpass ont i ryggen och magen ibland att jag inte ens kan stå upp och jag har slutat leva som en normal tonåring på grund av det här. Det har gått flera månader då jag inte har gått ut eller träffat folk för att jag knappt har kunnat röra mig från soffan på grund av mina magproblem.

    Mina ätstörningar har förstört en så stor del av mitt liv, och jag vill kunna spola tillbaka tiden och ändra på allt jag gjorde emot mig själv. Jag fyller 18 år i sommar. Hela min tonårstid har blivit förstörd. Jag hoppas att fler unga tjejer kan lära sig att det finns bättre sätt att gå ner i vikt på än att svälta sig själv. Jag tror inte att alla förstår vad som faktiskt kan hända. Och man kan inte bara tänka "det händer inte mig", för så tänkte jag också, och jag hade väldigt fel. Men ... på något sätt är jag ändå glad för att min kropp sa ifrån och gjorde mig så här sjuk, för jag har äntligen förstått att min hälsa är viktigare än mitt utseende, och jag hoppas att fler kan förstå det.

    Nu blev det en väldigt lång kommentar. På svenska dessutom, så alla kommer inte förstå men jag orkade inte översätta allting. Jag vet inte riktigt varför jag skrev det här. Jag ville väl mest visa att jag uppskattar att du skriver om det här lite, för många ser upp till dig och läser det du skriver. Jag kan inte riktigt få lika många att läsa mina inlägg om ätstörningar på min lilla blogg. ;>

    Ha det bra!

  4. Bra skrivet! Varför har du inte kategorier? Det är lättare att hitta specifika inlägg då.

  5. I appreciate your honesty. At least, I need to drop several kilos and I'm not the kind of girl that could have anorexia (I just like chocolate too much not to eat) but I did have at some point some kind of bulimia and...I think at the end it's a matter of eating small-moderate portions or finding what's best for your type of metabolism ..if only diets could include lots of chocolates and ice creams... mmhh :D

  6. Adora, this post is inspiring. Many people are slightly built, and it is a genetic thing. I think there is nothing wrong with losing weight, as long as it doesn't knock us down to eating disorders. Eating is a necessity, and something to be enjoyed.
    We are all different, but we are beautiful.
    I have, regrettably, suffered at the hands of an eating disorder to the point that I felt it defined and controlled me. However, I am happy to say that I am trying to recover and cope. It is a difficult thing. But you, among many others, are setting a positive example regarding weight loss and health.
    Thank you for that.

    Much love,
    A Little Fan

  7. "You can become "sober", but unlike an alcoholic that just have to stay away from alcohol the rest of their life, you can't stay away from food. You will have to live with your disease everytime you eat."


    I've never commented on your blog before, dear Adora, but I follow you since your first posts and from youtube & FB. Now I felt like I must share my thoughts.

    I'm diagnosed EDNOS. I developed this eating disorder after my depression got worse some years ago. Certainly I didn't stop eating to be thin (that came after...) and I think anorexia is deeper than only wanting to be skinny and 'pretty thin', but these days I've seen too many teen ladies wanting to starve themselves just to lose few pounds and it makes me feel unconfortable, because they make this disease look like a joke or a kind of diet that you can stop anytime. TOTALLY NOT.

    I've been told several times just to eat healthy and make some gym if I wanted to be skinny, but it isn't that easy. It's not about willpower as many 'Ana' girls say. It's about a MENTAL illness, it's a DISORDER. No one can develop anorexia (or Bulimia, Binge eating disorder, EDNOS, etc) without a deeper reason like hard body issues, depression or as consecuence of another mental disorder, because it is difficult to 'switch off' your survival instinct by commiting starvation.

    But well, after my therapy I started to eat like average people but then fell at the next xtreme: i became a compulsive overeater. Now I'm at the middle of this weird compulsion from not eating at all to eating like there's no tomorrow, then feeling worthless.

    I can say you're inspirational to me, but not in that scary way like those "thinspiration" vids do. You are healthy, successful and a happy mother. I wanna get better for me and for my little baby girl. So many thanks for posting this and all the Montignac method, it is very helpful to me and I'm sure there are lots of young ladies who want to be as skinny as you and reading this post will take them to a better 'choice'.

    Greetings from Mexico, hun.
    - Karime M.

  8. I think that part of the problem with girls (and probably with boys too, but I haven't heard any of this from them) is that there is an unrealistic expectation on how they are able to look. Adora, I love how your look works for you. But, I also know that if I tried to look like you, I would be sicker then a dog and - hopefully - in the hospital. My bone structure is such that I have broad shoulders and wide hips.

    Eating healthy is one thing, but I think that it's important to have realistic expectations of how a particular person can look. There's no easy way to change bone, so it's important to know what your limits are. Thanks for reenforcing these ideas.

    Love from California USA,

  9. Could you post some meal ideas for this method? Sounds like a great way to get into healthier eating habits, i think i'll definitely look into this.

  10. there is nothing wrong with wanting to look thin. i myself, even being a guy, like the emaciated look. its sexy. but i dont like unhealthy people and i dont like being unhealthy.

    i hope that one day all people, girls AND boys realize that you /can/ be super thin and still eat and be healthy and not ruin your lives.

    thank you adora <3 for posting about this.

  11. It's clear that you are in health and not ill about anorexia, and I admire you for what you wrote on this page. Carry on on this wai :3

  12. You're a doll! :)

    And I agree - you can be thin and healthy. I think.. the main thing is to love yourself. If you are thin, curvy, muscly or what ever - just be happy and love yourself and by loving yourself treat your body right and take care of it as you shown you have done.

    If you're constantly hating yourself like anorexics/bulimics you need a lot more help than just dietary help.

  13. I've find your blog 1-2 weeks ago and I've read all your posts. After reading them, you inspired me to learn more about Montignac and I intend to get his books from library (before I buy them). I want to lose 3-4kilos (I'm 175cm tall and I have 64kg), but this kind of nutrition is very atempting :)

    I've have a friend which had anorexia 10y ago (when she was 15). After ~2years she slowly get back to normal. But today, while I'm planing my life with my husband in our new apartment, our holidays, carnival partys etc, she is visiting hospitals because of kidney problems, hernia in the esophagus, digestive problems and more witch she doesnt want to tell me.
    I'm very sad.. I'm trying to help her but she doestn want me to. I'll never give up trying to help her, but she is constantly trying to hurt herself (2 days after she got back from H, she get drunk so much she couldnt stand and she begged me to leave her sleep on bus station). She is 26y old, 150cm tall and she have 40-43 kilos.

    Greetings from Rijeka (Croatia)! ;)

  14. Sistermy (FrejaKaranta)February 23, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    You're totally honest, love that.
    Proana and thinspo is sooo sick... I'm "sober"..

  15. Hello there!

    I promised to post here as an ex-anorexian girl how I feel with Montignac.
    So far, it´s amazing! I´m following this method now for 2 weeks and I just feel good. I can´t just remember the last time eating 3 meals per day including snacks without feeling bad but now I do feel good, I enjoy testing the new receipes and eat it with my family (and to know that I´m eating without getting big...so great!)And I lost a bit weight!(I used to eat a little bit too much in the last years after getting "sober", don´t want to be that skinny as in the old days but I think there will be a "natural stop" when I reached the lowest healthy weight)
    I even start to wear things that shows my shape and clothes like skirts! (big step for me!)
    Will continue posting how I honestly feel with that method.

    Thanx Adora, you really changed my life in an amazing way!

    Send you much love!


  16. I always aksed myself how this could work, a mother with three kids and a full plan of things to do. I had a hard time with starving and working was an absolutely no-go for me, 'cuase I can't walk straight, I've lost my concentration, nothing worked, like I wanted.
    At the beginning, I thought you have to be disciplined as much as someone can and now I red this, I took a deep breath. You do it in a right way and I'm proud to so, my heroine eats healty.

    Good luck for everything and stay healthy.


  17. Oh, wow! I was even afraid reading my comments today because I was sure I'd be tosted, fried and executed.

    I'm so happy about you sharing your stories with me (and others. Very strong of you.
    There was a girl, Ebba, who wrote her story in swedish, and I will translate her comment later, because she wrote about what her anorexia have done to her life today, the things she now suffers with every day.
    I feel for all of you who have suffered/are suffering from some kind of eating disorder and hope you can recover, and kill that disease.
    Thank you all for sharing <3

  18. Adora, you look so healthy! Healthy in body and mind. I find this post excellent.

    I am vegan and I looooove food, nutrition reading, etc. I really eat a lot, and because of this way of life I have no way to be fat, regardless food combinations. But I think this can be so constructive for girls in the situation you speak about.

    A french follower of your blog.

  19. I'm happy you've started this discussion, since I am an eating disorder sufferer.

    I hate the fact that wanting to look very skinny is being pinned down to "anorexic beauty" or "heroin chic" in stead of for example "model skinny" or whatever better name you call it.
    Being very skinny nowadays is constantly being frowned upon and looked at as if it were automatically linked to anorexia.
    Someone skinny is automatically seen as an anorexic.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to look very skinny. That does not imply you thinking that anorexia is not a serious illness or whatever.

    I think many girls that want to be very skinny end up being anorexic because this connexion is way to easily made in society.

    Someone should be able to (want to) be very skinny without the reference to anorexia to be the normal thing to do.

    Anorexia is not pretty, sexy, good, fashionable or whatever.
    Being skinny IS to many people.
    Those two things have very little to do with each other.

    I hope I made some sense here ^^.

    Love and Hallucinate,
    Venus on Drugs

  20. @Venus: I'm so sorry, Lotte! :(
    And I like the "model skinny" term!

    I use the anorexic word because that's the word I hear ALL the time (from people not knowing me and my huge food account).

    When you get anorexic you can find your mind so much clearer and feel extremely focused. But that is when your brain starts getting damaged since you burn the bodys fat, you will eventually start using the fat the brain is made of (about 60% of the brain is fat) and then you go into auto pilot to stay alive.

    And Venus is so right by saying there is nothing wrong with wanting to be very skinny, but it's the HOW you become skinny that concludes if it's wrong or right.

  21. Someone I know once told me: "Every girl with an eating disorder thinks that they're the exception. That they're not going to end up in hospital. There are no exceptions. We're all heading there."

    Jag tycker att det var bra att du tog upp det här (och alkoholismreferensen passar in). Jag började få ett stört förhållande till mat när jag var runt 13 år - jag är 20 nu - och även om jag försöker att äta "normalt" nu, så finns tankarna alltid, alltid, alltid där i bakhuvudet. Man blir aldrig frisk från det. Tyvärr.

    Och ja, jag blir inspirerad att förlora vikt när jag ser dig och andra i samma viktklass, även om jag inte borde vilja det (och oavsett hur personerna man inspireras av har förlorat vikten). Det finns inga genvägar till att bli smalare, men man vill tro det. Att helt enkelt svälta sig är lockande.

  22. WOW! This post has generated a lot of discussion! Good work!

  23. Thank you SO MUCH, Adora! I had heard of GI diets before, but they always seemed so complicated, and I doubted my ability to follow that way of eating. Instead I started a very dangerous way of eating, and I've been in a very bad place as a result of it. BUT after reading your posts I bought the book, and today is my first day of eating the Montignac way, and it already feels amazing to be both full and guilt free... It feels like something I can finally stick to and be okay with.
    I too favour the 'model skinny' look, and hope I can achieve it safely and healthily one day! I will let you know! :)

    Thank you again, Adora!


  24. I know, that this is an old post, but I cannot resist commenting. I'm on the chubby side of goth. Not much though, but my fiancé keeps calling me fertility goddess and mother goddess, which is pretty cute I think. But I couldn't accept my curves (or the roundness to be exact :D ). So time to time I go on a diet-craze, lasting months. I usually have a very strict diet, doing various exercises as a lunatic, only to drop off a few kilos (unfortunately most visibly from my boobies... and of course regaining those kilos). And these periods finish with me ending up in the hospital, because I constantly faint because of the exhaustion and weakness.
    I know this is not good, and I probably will have some serious condition because of it. But you see, I'm a kind of an extremist person. My biggest problem is that I want to see a progress. On the first weeks it is incredible. Once I lost 9 kilos over two and a half weeks! But after that, the result is always the same: I stop losing weight, no matter what I do.
    And after the big no-no from doctors on my dieting habit, I fall in depression pigging out the junk food section...
    I aways envied slender girls, like you. I always wanted to be one. Deep inside, I still cannot accept how do I look like. Although things have taken a strange yet interesting turn in my life, I still relive those foul experiences of my schoolyears... those fatty boom-boom type of remarks all through those years... Not noticing that I am a kind of attractive (or at least a bunch of guys saying this...)
    But then I saw this post of yours. You've dropped 22 kilos... my aim exactly. I'd really like to try Montignac method, but I just couldn't find anything about it in my country. And not much on the internet. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy the book online, so I rely on you.
    I know that is quite an off-topic on your blog, but you are a goth Martha Stewart, so maybe you should post more on Montignac method. You see, there are many people who are interested in it.
    Adora, you are my role model in many ways, now added plus one! :)

    I know all I wrote above makes no sense, sorry about that.

    Take care! :)