Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Montignac Method part 1

If you will be successfull loosing weight you need The shame-factor.
After every pregnancy when I had about 22 kilos extra I had my weight loss published every week on a swedish forum where I had many followers. It made me think everytime I wanted to "cheat" that I would be so embarassed...
  1. Choose a Shame-factor. You can leave a weight loss table at work/publish it at Facebook or here. It must be really embarrassing if you fail.
  2. Make a table containing: your current stats on top, date/week count, current weight, total weight lost, this weeks weight loss, (kilos left)
  3. Next Tuesday morning, the 15'th), before breakfast you will weigh yourself. (You might also measure your waist and thighs)
  4. Every Friday before breakfast you make a new weight - ONLY on Fridays.
This is mine from when I lost weight after TeeBee:
Adora info:
Height: 177 cm
Goal : 53,3 kg (the weight I had before my pregnancy)
Start weight: 75,2 kg (+21,9 kg)
(This was after a pregnancy, that's why there was this flying start)
1 weeks: 66,5 kg (-8,7 kg)
2 weeks: 66,0 kg (-9,2 kg)
3 weeks: 65,3 (-9,9 kg)
4 weeks: 65,4 (-9,8 kg) What the hell!
5 weeks: 65,2 (-10 kg)
6 weeks: 64,4 (-10,8 kg)
8 weeks: 64,8 (-10,4 kg) +0,4 kg
9 weeks: 64.4 (-10,8 kg again...) -400 g
10 weeks: 63,0 kg (-12,2 kg) -1,4 kg
11 weeks: 62,4 kg (-12,8 kg) -600 g
12 weeks: 61,2 kg (-14,0 kg) -1,2 kg
snip snip
35 weeks: 53,0 kg (-22,2 kg) - 1,0 kg DONE!!

Now we have covered the first step.


  1. fantastic! how does one decide on a goal weight? I always choose too low and have trouble making it.

  2. Me too Amber! I'm 5'8 and was told 55kg was too low for a goal weight?

  3. isn't 53kg a bit too less weight when you're 177cm ?
    i don't know anyone who's that skinny Oo
    well anyway you look good ;)
    but I think if I would become that skinny I would look kinda strange or something.

  4. To cycloneAmber: I think the safest -and rational- thing to decide your goal weight is to go to the nutritionist who will measure your bodyfat and body type, and will determinate how much low you can go being healthy...
    For example, I'm 1.58m and I can't go (ever since I'm 15 years old, and the exact height) any further than 53kg... My doctor told me my goal weight is 56kg ( =( ) because of my bone structure (I've practiced gymnastics since I was 6y.o.), but I would try to push it a bit until 54 :)

  5. Ooh man, if you're at your height of 177cm you're meant to be about 65kg! Not 53kg, that's far too low. Your BMI must be fairly low as a result which is not good.
    People often forget that your weight also includes muscle mass, water retention aswell as other normal things.
    Adora, I'd urge you to go to a health specialist just to check out whether or not you're actually healthy. You may feel good but you don't know what damage you are doing to yourself.

  6. Adora!

    It would be great if you write what you ate for breakfast,diner,etc.And than we can follow you more easily,it would be a BIG help to me and everyone.I have to lose 10-15 kilograms,help please :S


  7. It's so awesome that you post these tips, I've wanted to try the Montignac-method for MONTHS, but I can't afford the book ): So I'me saving money for it :D Thanks!

  8. it's a good method!!

  9. Ok, I am 59 kg and I'am 1,68cm. My goal is 50 kg.. gonna put my weight on FB and as MSN nickname x.x...
    I agree with Andy, put some recipes =*
    Love you

  10. you said that dont have alcohol except on partys such as Mera Luna, does this affect your diet? before this occasion, do you need to go back to fase I?

  11. how about if I have my shame factor here? OK, so here it is... I am 177 and 105,6kg.
    Jasna :)

  12. im putting my shamefactor on my msn. and on my blogspot. great idea. but i also think it would be cool if you wrote like what you eat during the day . :)

  13. Thank you adora for doing this! My weight issue is affecting my life! How can beautiful make up like yours look good on a fat face? It doesn't. I need your help! I really do! thank you for thisss

    Height; 1.77 cm
    Weight; 86 kg

    I was 69 kg once because I wanted to be like you but I did it with anorexic thingies and puking and stuff, it totally ruined me lol now i gained all my weight back and im so depressed about it:( please help
    I got a montignac book with spring recipes and stuff, i must look it up but im sure i will fail without you supporting us


  14. Hi adoooora! Yes I think it would be cool if you wrote what you eat too. My Height is more or less like yours (1.78) and my weight is 56. I know I'm kinda thin but once I was 50 kg and I didn't follow any diet! I eat like a pig, about 5000kcal a day..(I know I suck) and I only would like to LEARN eating well.. so pleaseee share with us what you eat :D

  15. Hi Adora! Does the Montignac method work for vegetarians as well? I have never liked meat...

  16. I am just an inch taller than you and I weigh 70kg! Your goal is way too low for your height and is not healthy. My doctor said my weight is perfect and there is no way I would want to be any thinner. I do lots of exercise and eat healthily and I have boobs and booty :) Please consider your health and the example you are setting for your children.

  17. In a family with overweight people, I have always thought that controlling what you eat is impossible, and at 160cm have mostly weighed 60kg (+ or - a bit).
    Recently, I have lost weight and weigh 54kg, which is very hard in a family that eats badly, but also proved that it's incredibly easy to eat well.
    I hope you can guide me in reaching my goal weight of 45kg!

  18. Why are ppl complaining about Adoras weight?? I mean come on, you can see that she is a healthy woman and correct me if I'm wrong but I think it looks "natural" for her to be that thin.

    She doesn't look starved or anything but some people are simply built to be more skinny than others (no matter what the BMI chart tells you). My "ideal" weight is 50kg but I've never been close to that...! 46-48 kg is my "normal" weight without any diets and just regular excersise =) Everyone is unique!

  19. Adora's weight is fine - people should set their own goal and let it be. Everyone's body is different, muscle and bone included. We are meant to be lean...

  20. I'm in. I bought the book (I had been looking into that diet for awhile)

    I agree it would help alot if you posted what you eat and how you balance the meal to fit the Montignac Diet.

    Shame Method: I brought my scale to work, I work with NOSEY girls and I know they will constantly be asking how I'm doing.

  21. Shame Factor Time:
    Waist - 83.8 cm
    Height - 165.1 cm
    Current Weight - 79.09 kgs
    Goal - 60.91 Kgs

    I agree that food suggestions would be great as well.

  22. My Shame Factor:

    Waist - 63,5 cm
    Height - 168 cm
    Current Weight - 51,2 kgs
    Goal - 50 kgs

    Sometimes my weight is in 50.5 or something under 51 but I would like to make it stay in 50 or a bit under. That's because my tummy looks so big at it's sides now. The front side of my tummy is skinny but the sides are problem...

  23. to the anonymous vegetarian: It is...more challenging...to follow the Montignac Method when you're a vegetarian. I am actually a vegan and only eat organic, so I tweaked the Method to my way (after reading Queen Adora's raves about it :). You have to substitute the protein requirements (with tofu, egg replacements, vegan burgers-certain kinds- etc). I am thinking about making a blog about it because I started 3 months ago and I have lost 15 lbs so far. I am actually right where I wanted to be, but I'm still in phase 1 because I'd like to lose another 5 lbs or so. So yes...it is possible to follow Montignac if you're a vegetarian or totally vegan like me...but it requires more planning and meal creativity! I've actually got my husband 'semi' on the plan too.

    Also, the book is REALLY cheap on Amazon. You really need to read the book (maybe a couple times) to properly understand.

  24. Thank you for your answer vailintin!

  25. Ok, I suppose it would help if I posted how tall I am,

    CW: 63kg
    Goal Weight: 58kg

    I think 6 kg's is a good start..

  26. I ll start this method...I trust you :) I m from a family with weight problems and a bad eating habits..I cook only for myself everyday but...I got into depression really bad depression and I still have probs..And I quited at the same time smoking (which i m really proud about it) but i gained 20 kilos...So i 'll start..

    Height : 1,58cm
    Weight : 80 kilos

  27. I think 53kgs is too low for you. It will make your legs looks like a skeleton ones. And you will have no curves, no ass and no boobs. That is not healthy nor attactive.