Monday, February 7, 2011

Wanna loose weight?

Next Tuesday I'm gonna start you up on the Montignac Method (good to loose weight, but also good for already satisfied bodytypes since it's a healthy way to eat).
I've eaten according to Montignac for about 10 years, and I didn't start it to loose weight, but because I got a gastric catarrh and needed to change my way of eating.
I was a crisp-o-holic and ate 300 grams of crisps every weekend for about a year. I was in it bad, I was one needle away to go down the gutter and be a real crisp-druggie. After that torture my stomach said - no more of this shit and self-cutted.
Also...I though my husband was a bit too...ehh..large? I only like skinny bitches so for me to keep loving him he needed to ditch that extra weight faster then a bra in the wrong bedroom.
But I can't blame him on adding a few kilos - it was my cooking that put him there... me and my potatoe gratin overflowing with cream. So I needed to be punished as well.

It was our friend Mr N that told us about this method all of the nerds at his computer company did, loosing weight while sitting on their asses. Suited me just fine since I hate moving around for nothing.
Bought the book, changed my way to cook.
I will try to guide you as good as I can. Join me!


  1. O_O its the energy of the universe (?) I was just reading a Montignac book right now for like, the 3rd time xD Its so interesting to read how he beat others "especialists" theorys :) love that, even more because here everybody loves the other theorys
    good luck and kisses

  2. That sounds great! I need to loose about 5 kg. But does this diet suit vegeterians? I myself eat fish, but no other kinds of meat. :)
    Camilla 34

  3. I'm a nerdy girl who hates moving! I'm in!

  4. Perfect!!! this will be so useful :)
    thanks so much <3
    Ashe xxx

  5. I ordered this book the first time you mentioned it in your interview post...

    still waiting on it to show up.. *stupid post*

  6. hey anonymous one :P the Montignac method does suit for vegetarians. In the books there are parts that talk specially about that!

  7. Ive gained 60 pounds since i met my husband a year ago...oh my i just cant lose the weight and i sure dont know how to eat right...Ill have to look into this. Your so sweet for the info

  8. oh no, i clicked on the link "join me" and it said not available in my country...oh my I will have to figure it out on my own.. :( Its ok, I have enough info now to do the research myself. Thanks girl for your information-your beautiful

  9. Lol, guys, it's just a video for "Join Me in Death". :P

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not see the video in Germany!!! Why o why!!! damn you, copyright laws!!!
    and I need to drop 7 kilos to be in my "appropiate weight", and 5 to be in my "usual weight"...

  11. It's not fair, I suffer from certain diseases and allergies so I cannot do dieting and slimming such as this. most healthy stuff just puts me back in hospital =(. I used to be fairly active, but I had to have some major surgery and now I'm not really allowed to even stretch to use the hover. You are a very lucky missy to find something to suit your lifestyle. ~hugs~ x

  12. I will of course join you since exercising isn't my most favorite of activities.

  13. Can't view the video in USA. womp womp :(

  14. One would think an old one like you would be more responsible. Sending out those messages to tiny little fan goth girls are not very healthy! Look at you! You're anorecticly skinny, saying you would stop loving you husband and your childrens father if he got a little chubby!

    You are absolutely out of your mind!!!

  15. Anonymous ... I think she was quite obivously being sarcastic ...

  16. Thank you! I really need that. I'm relatively thin and I find it quite difficult to lose weight with ordinary diets. Only high protein diets work for me. I love food but I also love being thin. That has nothing to do with being anorexic. Some people like to look skinny. That's all.

  17. At first I really got to say:
    I was anorectic for a long time so I asolutely know about!
    Of course she looks skinny, damn, shes a model! That means she got that tall slim look by nature, combined with a healthy way of eating. And of course you looked at the montignac site and noticed that its not about eating less, it´s about eating the right things.
    It´s better that she shows a healthy way in getting in shape than letting all the "tiny goth girls" just follow no matter how.
    And finally:
    I will join that experiment, not to loose weight(!!!!), but I want to be healthy and I think that way will reduce the danger of a flashback. (remember, that illness is about controlling yourself, it´s better to controll you to be healthy than to damage yourself. It´s a part of me, I accepted that, but I can channel it to something good for myself :))
    Kiss :-*

  18. Is this one of those cut our carb ones? Cause I LOVE me some carbs.

  19. this is great, Adora : D
    but.. to the anon - you can not concider yourself vegetarien if you eat fish. >.<

  20. I can`t watch your video in germany. This diet sounds good but I think it`s not suitable for vegans. Poor me I have to keep my extra winter kilos :D

    lots of love F.

  21. Oh my! Adora you're great! I love you! I wish I was as slim and beauty as you are! I need to loose 5 kilos! But as I live in Argentina it's quite difficult to get some ingredients for some Montiagnac recipes.

  22. i just got the book, i been going to the gym, i lost 15 pounds, but now i'm stuck, i want to get back down to 120