Thursday, February 3, 2011

My fang is back and ready for action

I usually stay in all day as the light shy creature I am. But today I had an urgent agenda - my precious right fang has been broken and I had to fix it since my tummy was screaming for food.
I was in luck today - no sun was up and I could easily take a stroll to Mr V, my dentist.
Lipstick: Kryolan LP 630
He was working with the fang for quite a bit, he even was nice enough to ask how sharp I wanted it. As sharp as it goes, of course!
He made it look fantastic, as if it never been broken.
(For nerds: He didn't remove the whole shebang, he just rebuilt the part that was missing)
I really, really like the sweet curve he gave it, like a little hook. I can feel my fangs itching right now! Time for a midnight snack perhaps ;)


  1. Fang Shui? (Pardon the pun)

  2. Don`t bite your own tongue, cutie! =D

  3. Ok this might sound stupid... Are they causing you any trouble when you are kissing?

  4. Nice. Love it. Like the lipstick too.