Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lure them in with cupcakes

Today I had 5 kids at home. Under false pretences I lured them in with cupcakes (well, the two extra kids came with their mother).
Here's the cupcakes; sticky brownie cupcake with nougat frosting, strawberry jam cookies and lemon cupcakes with frosting 
My plate. I got stuck with the ghost marengue cupcake *mohaha ha*
I had 5 kids running wild here. That's good, it get's their blood pumping so it's easier to drink their blood. And after they have gotten a good sugar-rush I had a killing frenzy ending up to my next blog post.....


  1. Looks so delicious! :O I wish my mom would cook as many cookies and cakes as you do! :D

  2. Your desserts are so gorgeous! :) Have you ever made cupcake bites? They are amazing!

  3. I love that you put so much effort into making desserts look so cute :) I am the same way with pies. I want to make cupcakes now!

  4. Now I'm going to think of you as the sexy goth version of the witch that tries to eat Hansel and Gretel

  5. I love the ghost.
    Sometimes I use ladyfinger cookies and icing for the cross or skull to make little tombstones in my son's pudding.