Monday, February 28, 2011


My first pregnancy made my belly button pop out *ugh*
My natural hair color showing. As you can see, an ordinary brown color. Here with my (now deseased)purple tortie point siamese Fefferonia Felicia.
It resulted in a navel hernia. But they couldn't perform surgery on it until my bith giving days were over, so I had to wait until we decided we had enough kids :)

I trained hard to get a nice tummy before the surgery and brought big "before pictures" of my navel to the doctor.
Usually this small hernia is performed with a Laparoscopic surgery, but NO, I got the butcher from the local slaughter house to carve my insides out.
It just pissed with blood after! And the pain!
After a few weeks I could remove the patch and you can just imagine my shock since I didn't know he made such a long scar. I think I cried for a day when seeing this pig snout staring back at me. And I who even told him to be extra careful since I'm a model :(

Aaany who; since then I've had problems with it. Don't know what it is, but everytime I wear something fitted over it I get horrible pain after a few hours. It's like someone pushes a needle into my navel. You can just imagine my pain when wearing a corset all day at the M'era Luna festival...
Even when I do situps, so I haven't done any for some time now my back problems are back (I need to do situps because of a bad back).
It's a catch 22.

But a couple of weeks ago I went to a new doctor because I can't live like this - I need to be able to wear corsets! And now he called and said he'd try to open me again and cut a bit. It might or might not work, but I'm willing to give it a try! He said it's because I don't have any fat around my navel. Haha, so I can either fatten up or do a new surgery?


  1. Oh, that sounds so awful! I really hope you get better and your navel will be okay again... I couldn't imagine not wearing corsets anymore either!

  2. Hmmm...
    why not give it a try?
    If I understand you right you don´t need to be "fat" just fatten up a bit! If this don´t work you can do the surgery and loose the extra kilos easily with montignac again. I would try first because surgery got always lots of risks, health over look, right?
    Just give it a thought!

    Much love and kisses!


  3. How big is your scar? Do you have pics?

    As someone who has seen hundreds of hernias fixed, a good percent of then umbilical hernias, I find it odd for such a large scar, especially on such an in-shape individual. I have seen people have to have their belly button closed shut, but that is a different story!
    Did he say why he didn't do it laproscopically?
    Even without a lap procedure, the scar would normally be hidden inside the belly button.

    Sorry to hear it didn't turn out for you.

    How far are you out of surgery? It takes a while to heal and for the pain to go away because they have to take a large bite of the muscle to close the hernia. Some people have reoccuring pain (and may need further surgery) if they had a suture pinching.

  4. My friend had the same problem and as it turned out she had endometriosis. Check that first.
    She had the same symptoms you described and was even worse after surgery.

  5. if this could help you...I'm as tall as slim as you. consider I'm 31 years old and I have no children yet...but I had a laparoscopic surgery 2 years ago and I always feel something hurting me inside my belly, especially when I'm close to my period or when weather is changing.. I think it's a consequence of the laparoscopy

  6. and of course,I suffer endometriosis and I had ovaric cyst (something big like an orange!)