Monday, February 28, 2011


One of my more secret vampire skills is to make aprons.
Since I'm often in the kitchen slaughtering some freshly hunted meat I go through lots of aprons every week. This may perhaps be a bit wierd, but I like to make them out of towels (new ones).
My grandma used to make me aprons like this:

and I just loved the style ever since.
I just take a towel (sometimes I cut out parts for the ribbon), fold it to crinkles, sew it to a thick ribbon and then add some lace or bows where needed. They turn out so cute! Sometimes I even do some screenprints on.
Here's a few inspirations I found online:
I've bought me some real 50's aprons at auctions just because I like the feeling. I'm such a house wife in my heart. And I love it!
Since I always (almost) wear short skirts I need to have short aprons, and towel apron's the best for that :)
I'm a member in a 18'th society club and during parts of the 18'th century apron was worn by both the plebs and the high society. But for the high society it was more of a fashion item, and often made of sheer materials.


  1. lol its more like a goth loli style :p check america mc gee's alice.

  2. yes, the skirts look really great!
    I have in my town so one already seen.
    The 50s style is great ^ ^

    So, can you please tell me how do I get the background to go? ;)

    and sorry, my english is not perfect. its really bad<<

  3. I like making aprons too. :)

  4. the aprons are EPIC!!
    love the bat!!



  6. Soooo cute to see style you'r wearing and a statement that you feel like real house wife! I love it! I also love beeing at home, making lunches, cakes and other DIY things but I look boring when I compare with you :)
    Only thing is that I'm 25y old and in my country it's a little strange that I do all that stuff :D So, in a way, I'am strange and different :D

    Hope you'll do some video tutorial or at least upload some pictures of your aprons! ;)

  7. It seems that gothic girls love cooking, yesterday i sew a bat shaped oven globe =)

  8. Thoses black ones looks a tad naughty, bad gyrl!