Monday, March 21, 2011

Ksenia Mikhaylova design

The first picture for Pinkabsinthe Jewellery Shop is done.
I'm quite happy about the result :)
Make up used:
  • Kryolan; Ultrafoundation TV white Art 9002
  • IsaDora; 10 sheer transparent compact powder
  • Kryolan; Anti shine powder Art 5705
  • Make Up Store; Blush Chic
  • M.A.C.; blacktrack fluidline (waterproof creamy eyeliner) (for eyes)
  • Kryolan; Cake Eye Liner Art 55321 with Kryolan; CEL Sealer Art 5322 (for eyes and brows)
  • Kryolan lashes Art 9370 (glue: DUO adshesive)
  • Elizabeth Arden; Cranberry Dream 02 lipstick

    Lenses by


  1. Du är så galet vacker! Får säkert höra det hela tiden men ändå..
    Du och din syrra är stor inspirations källa för mig och det är ni som fått mig att klä mig som jag gör nu.

    Älskarbilderna och längtar efter fler<3

  2. Where did you get your boobs done..? They look just right for your frame.

  3. This work do well on you. Addicted....

  4. Looking gorgeous as always Adora. However such bad editing of the photo, it looks as if it was cut out by a Photoshop noob. I could do a better job and I'm not a professional. I also feel like the skin tone should have been retouched to make it as white as the face foundation. It looks slightly odd. But that's me beign a critic of the photo editors, not your beautiful modelling : )

  5. @Anonymous: Well, my boobs were done by something called a push up bra :)

  6. You look gorgeous as usual ;) I love your eyebrows. You look ver much like a doll. It's a beautiful effect. You do beautiful work, as always. <3

  7. I love the lenses been thinking about getting the Manson's too!

  8. you make me think positively about that I get older one day
    you look just incredibly beautiful

    love - 134340

  9. oh lord...I agree with simipandaface! The cutting out is a horror, the background...dear...and although I really love pictures of you but this is just what we call "Over-photoshopped", its far too much. Recogniced this on the pic of your husband, too. Please don´t do this, that is the "bad-taste" for professionals (and yes, I am a professional designer).
    Please promise not to do this anymore, it makes my heart bleed!
    You look so much prettier on the pics you done at home before the shooting.

    Send you much love and kisses :-*

    P.S.: just love the pics of you in the snow <3

  10. yeeeaa photo shoppin' could be better.

    But I love how you look almost Robotic, a vampire/robot that runs on Blood instead of oil.


  11. PLEASE show us all your ear-piercings!! :D