Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My living room - black and white

Sweden is a dark country most of the time.
Perfect for vampires, but I'm like most swedes in general - I need light!!! We are known for having boring white flats, and I'm no exeption.
I hate colors around me (even black), it messes with my mind, and I think if I live in happy colors I will become a common person. What a horror!!! Commoners!
Most of the time I just have white curtains, but since my family likes colors I agree to change them to different colors - but only for a few weeks at the time. I already hate the black and white...
The flat is nowhere near how I'd like it to look, but for now this will do.
I'm constatly lobbying my husband for a white floor and other stuff. But I realize, when you have 3 gremlins making holes and painting where mum wants no paint, this will be when hell freezes over. And according to what Mr Devil said today it aint gonna happen the next years.
Welcome for some canapes


  1. This was such a cute/funny little post! I feel the same way about my carpet currently! I have a black ceiling with purple walls that we just recently painted, but our carpet looks like carpet out of the early 90's and it is such a strange color/pattern that doesn't work at all, but I don't have the money to fix it...I suppose for now I just deal with it because it would be silly to spend money changing it when I know that I'm going to move eventually out of this house. I hope that you get to change your floor though, as the wood floor throws it off!

  2. I like the black accent in this room. We don't get much sun in Lithuania too. Off course I wanted a black room when I was a teenager but now I want bright colors. And I find the white one very attractable since it brings out black accessories so nice.
    But I would get crazy in all wait room :D
    The floor could be just more brighter like here http://www.onhomedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Simply-Sweden-Apartment-interior-Design1.jpg

  3. I like the pattern on the curtains.

  4. Does maintaining all that white take more time to keep up because marks/discoloration are easier to see? I imagine with kids, a husband, and pets it must be difficult. I wouldn't have the patience.

    When I was younger I had everything all black with some white. Now I live in Seattle where we only get sunny days for 3 months a year. Our loft has floor to ceiling windows and we decorate with splashes of color so I don't get winter depression. I also like lots of plants (as do the cats).

  5. well u can use black after all is not a colour,but the lack of colour:).

  6. Wow very beautiful room. Cute little fox. I love light.I hope sometime I'll hav enough money to make my flat very light!
    And cool plant. Is it Ficus?

  7. love the hello kitty computer :D

    and i like the wooden floor. it brings out the white furniture. if the floor was also white, it would wash it out!
    lovely house :)

  8. White floors would look amazing! But I really do like the black damask curtains and the black candle holder on the table, it really brings out all the other white so it doesn't all mesh together.