Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy in my pants

The postman made a ding-dong on my door
when I opened up I found a package on the floor

The package made me drop my pants
faster then a rocket scientist could nail my aunts

My legs got squeezed real tight
and I'm ready for a party all night

12 of these will go the the webshop
but I want them for myself, I can feel a tear drop

It's the lovely stockings I have drooled over.
Right now I feel like Gollum and wanna hide them all in my grotto, and have them all, just for me..

Oh yeah, look how proper I was at todays lecture about social media.
I'm very fond of wearing big bows around my neck, almost as much as I love pearls, rhinestones and lace.


  1. Lovely :) I like your gloves :) Will they be in the shop too?

    Gothicaly yours

  2. Hey, bought that tights 4 weeks ago ^.^
    You look stunning! Love your white hair!
    Much kisses from Germany <3

  3. I actually just got the same stockings via ebay about two days ago. I had been drooling over them forever as well. They are fantastic!

  4. OI I am so jealous, those are fantastic!
    I loooove wearing tights, but I always rip them the first time I wear them :[

  5. always pretty!!very nice tights!!

  6. Do your legs end anywhere?! Damn :O

  7. I've seen those before (or maybe similar) and they are amazing!

  8. everytime i visit your webshop : ??

    its says to check back in the start of april. I'm so confused , helpp !

    thanks. :)

  9. I love this outfit, very cute. Those tights are really top die for. I love lace.

  10. Those look so cute on your legs. Great pictures. The big bow look is also nice<3