Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old picture of the day

At Depeche Mode, Stockholm, 2001.
With my super cute friend Jennifer <3 She is just too hot!
I even got a backstage pass that day and accused Martin Gore of stealing all my clothes! He had a good laugh and talked for a while *whiii, starstruck eyes*

And - no - I didn't go there like this, it was in the middle of winter. I looked like this on arrival. And yes, I made the long skirt and the jacket myself.


  1. I love your white hair and the way it goes with that super black skirt and jacket:)
    We had Depeche Mode in Lithuania too :)

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  2. That skirt is so beautiful, and of course you are beautiful too! :)

  3. Just gorgeous! You have such a statuesque figure, and your long hair only emphasizes it. The jacket and coat look like the perfect cover for a skimpy clubbing outfit--can they be whipped off in one hand on the dance floor I wonder? That would be awesome...someone should design something like that!

  4. Love both outfits, and im so jelaous of you :D depeche mode ftw!

  5. You look amazing in the bottom pic, something about the contrast of long white hair and long black clothes looks so striking

  6. Wow, you should design a long black coat!-Ethereal

  7. You look awesome as usual.
    Amnd I have a question did you wear fake hair?
    lots of love F.

  8. You look stunning in both outfits. But I can't help but love the second one, it's so elegant...