Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chocolate Pie and earrings

Me and Fairlight took a stroll on town today. Her birthday is coming up and she had to tell me what she wanted.
We also had my parents in law over for dinner tonight. We had a very nice time.
Here's on our way out. I look like Gigantor next to her!
 Do you mind me tiing my dotted bow?
 Me and my husband baked a chocolate pie for dessert.
It was pure love in my mouth.
 Today my husband bought me those fantastic glamourous earrings I'm wearing. He sure knows how to treat his wife! I love glitter (and him)!
Chocolate Love Pie  12 pieces converter
(Notice: The cake must set for at least 3 hours after it's been baked)
150 g milk chocolate (I used IKEA's)
150 g butter
2½ dl sugar (I'm sure you can use less)
3 eggs
2½ dl wheat flour

200 degree Celsius in the oven.
Put a baking paper at the bottom of an openable baking tin.
Stab the chocolate multiple times, like you would on a heart.
Melt the butter and pour it over the chocolate to make it really dead. Stir.
Put in the deadly ingredient: sugar (and that is NO joke).
Crack the eggs to it and enjoy the sound of a crushing head while doing it.
Shove down the flour and stir the mixture violently intill it's helpless and accommondative.
Pour to the pan, put it in the middle of the oven (be aware - burned chocolate taste awful) for about 15-20 minutes.
Then let set for at least 3 hours before eating the damn thing. I put it on my balcony where I had 10 degrees today (there you got a free weather report from Sweden).

Serve with:
powdered sugar, raspberries and lightly whipped cream

I thought it would taste like pure sugar, but I was wrong. It was soooo good and I really recommend it!


  1. I really love your hair and makeup. You should totally due a hair tutorial how to style it like in this picture. I'm sure it's easy but I have neber been good with hair styling :|

    Beautiful photos nonetheless :)

  2. You look lovely as usual in these photos. Fairlight looks adorable too! I love your heart stockings. But, I absolutely love your make-up. I love when you draw hearts with your designs. They're always so perfect. I always have difficulty getting my hearts perfect when I try to draw them evenly on my face. I just really liked this design because it was simple yet not so simple if that makes sense :D. Your dessert looks like delicious yummy-ness! I just want to jump through my screen and have a slice. Anyway, thanx for sharing these pictures with us. Your day looked nice! <3

  3. Haha, you're so cute. Your recipe with the added notes about skull crushing and violent gestures made me smile :) Your family is so devine!

  4. Det lät gott! Måste nog testa det receptet!

  5. Thank you for sharing your family moments and your wonderful recipes!

  6. Oh, I just love you stockings :) Lovely :)

  7. I have the same tights! And your daughter is really cute!

  8. You look amazing Adora, as always. I can't wait to try the recipe you mentioned, I've been wanting to bake for weeks now so this is perfect.

  9. I m a bit confused by the recipe's measurements. I thought that dl is for measuring liquids. Maybe I'm wrong. How many grams is 2 1/2 dl?

  10. Heh heh heh , stab the chocolate!

  11. @Anonymous: Dl can be used for all things. And how many grams 2½ dl is depends on what you are measuring, sugar and flour don't have the same density, so therefor they have different grams, but same volume. Use an online converter. Ok, I will put in a link for you :)

  12. Your daughter looks sooo adorable! You have a lovely family.

  13. Gorgeous earrings. I am going to go and hint at my boyfriend now. ^^

  14. Greetings from Poland adorable Adora. I came across your blog while looking for some specific info about the Montignac Method (been following it myself for some time now) and I just kind of fell in love with it. I love your attitude and personality, and it made me come back to my dark wave past(which I neglected a little). You make people realize one doesn't have to reject their interests, passions and style once they start a family and have children. And your today's recipe is great. It is just like the classic brownie I bake, unfortunatelly completely anti-MM I'm working on a recipe for my birthday cake - I'm going to use walnut flour (ground walnuts) instead of regular wheat flour, fructose instead of regular sugar and mascarpone cream - it will let me enjoy my birthday party without worrying about my figure - totally Montignac style. Will share it with you once it is tried out and approved. Enjoy your evening, I'll be watching you :)

  15. Hi, I read earlier that you've been to Wave Gothic Treffen and I'm hoping you could answer some questions for me. We took our 2 kids to Arvikafestivalen 2 years ago to se Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. It was a walk in the park. We rented a super cottage by a lake and didn't drink any alkohol (of cause). They loved it and could sleep during late night conserts in a twinpram. This spring they will be 2,5 and 4,5 years old. Hos is the child climate at WGT? Is it a calm or wild festival and do people bring kids along? On their homepage they even talk about childcare (even though I wouldn't dare using that, especially as they won't speak swedish). So what's your oppinion on kids on WGT?

  16. I LOVE your new fringe, it looks so elegant but edgy at the same time! That cake looks delicious too, yum yum :) :P

  17. I have the same coffin shaped bag! =) You're so pretty, Adora.

  18. I have that coffin bag! I envy your creativity. Such a lovely gal!

  19. How do you dye your hair this way? Its so pretty! x

  20. You are by far the greatest wife, mom, artist, and goth someone could ever meet. Your family is lucky to have you. :) take care!