Monday, April 4, 2011

Nail art

I just ordered me some Stamping Nail Art :) It was not a Konad, but I hope it will do the trick anyway.
Now I will only have to find me some of those skull, lace, dot, bat and spider plates and I'm home free :)
Image plate: Konad IP M01-Spider
Bundle Monster plate BM13
Cute! Don't know the plate though *sorry*
Image plate M71
It is very important to have beautiful nails.
Especially when you, like me, sometimes rip peoples hearts out by hand and then show it to them before they die. You want them to have a nice memory, with beautiful nails holding their heart. You don't want them to die thinking "Man, she's got some ugly, crap looking nails." It's for the little people I do it ;)


  1. Ah, yes. You want your dying victim to forever remember your beautiful, perfect nails. What else could a gal want?

    Your wit and sarcasm puts a smile on my face! :)

  2. Hahaha make sure you get all the blood out of your cuticles!

    I found that plate with the spider on it on ebay!

  3. I loooove nail art stuff!:D Im waiting on some stamp plates from ebay;D
    Yesterday as I made some nail art: D a bloody verson of the French manicure. If you want you can visit my blog to see how they look:)

  4. I had a dream about u last nite!
    I'm almost sure it was a dream...

  5. What brand of nail art stamper did you end up getting? :o

  6. Hahaha! you're just too cruel (cool)! :)

  7. the orange white nails remind me of some halloween candy we always have... so i kinda wann eat them :D
    and i totally agree, nails are SO important, i take good care of mine and they are pretty and long

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