Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter on etsy.com

Soon it's easter, one of those fantastic holidays that involves killing people. It's also a big crafting holiday. I've started on some faux sugar eggs.

Don't forget those wonderful crafters at etsy.com.
If you are no good at crafting, and rather sit on your own hands until they are numb and then put them in a mixer than sit down in the company of glitter, paint, scissors, ribbons, bows and lace you can just buy already made things that also looks fantastic!!
And if you are sneaky (like we all should be) just say you made it yourself when old grandma Henny asks about the admirable center piece. Works like a charm!
And to remember this fantastic man who suffered on the cross to same humanity (to have something to feed on), the first vampire ever - Jesus, you might consider buying this fab jewellry.
You can read about my thesis on Jesus being a vampire HERE.


  1. Hey, Adora! This is totally off topic, but whatever.

    You see, I read somewhere in your blog that you have a cowslick at your forehead and that you know the trick to keep it in place now. Well, I have the same problem, but I don't know how to really handle it. :c

    Do you have any tips for my (sometimes) hopeless bang?

  2. I really like your theory about Jesus being a vampire. This sparked the lengthy debate my husband and I had. He says Jesus is a zombie because he's "undead". Well, so are vampires! Zombies are nasty and smelly usually...vampires (not all) are usually well kept and well versed in life. I'm still going with VAMPIRE!!

  3. That droopy eyed, yellow striped bunny is creeepy! I LIKE IT!

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