Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Todays make up

Today I've been black, white and grey. I only spend 40 minutes doing my make up and hair in the morning, so this is all I come up with on an ordinary day.


  1. Beautiful; but the fake eyelashes are missing!

  2. is your skin naturally so beautifully pale?

  3. Gah, pretty and you think up of some of the most amazing styles! <3

  4. All you could come up with? That's AMAZING.

  5. you have 3 kids where do you get the 40 minutes for your make up ????? oO ...

  6. Adora,What do you use to make those cat eye corners? liquid eyeliner? let me know,cuz i do my eyes everyday like that and i always use liquid,but i want to change.plz let me know!

  7. That's all?! are you kidding? I wish I could be that creative in 40 minutes hair and makeup. You'rs so skilled.

  8. Nice make-up!
    Adora, what skin care cosmetics do you use to keep your eye underlays so pretty? You look so young and seems that you have no wrinkles at all.
    I don't find the post where you explained about the products you are using. Please put a link here!

    I also would like to ask, what would you recommend to use to eye underlays if I am 28 years old? Do you recommend Boots No 7 for my age?
    I had pretty eye underlays until the last month but then I had an allergic reaction about one cosmetic product -couldn't use any cosmetics for a while- and now they look fucking awful. I would like to have my beautiful eye underlays back again!!!
    I'm very glad if you can give a little answer!

    I also would like to ask how much do you need to sleep to look so beautiful?

  9. @honee20: I can't wear eyelashes on a day-to-day basis since I get allergic easy, otherwise I would. And you are right, no make up is finished without it!

    @Anonymous: Thank you. Well - I should probably sleep more then I do. 6 hours/night is not enough, I should have 7½ to maintain a fresh face.

    As soon as my website is up again you will find exactly everything I use. But you are right; Boots No 7 is perfect for an "older" skin. I use it because it makes the pores smaller - I can see a BIG difference 3-6 weeks after using it day and night. I totally recommend it!