Monday, May 16, 2011

Question time

I sometimes answers questions, and here is one suggested by Henna to be answered in my blog. Good thinking there, Henna!

Henna Javedden 16 maj 11:55
I was wondering, where are your natural eyebrows? i mean to say, what do you do to them so they don't exist?

Well, I'm naturally gifted with thick, low, dark brows (but this was before the digital camera era so I have no pictures of this in my computer). At 12 I started plucking them to make them look like Boy Georges brows,
Me to the left, the original to the right
and after a few years I simply decided I needed more space to do make up on, so inspired by the 30's stars I simply waxed them off!
I use Veet wax strips for legs once a week and cuts off in eyebrow size (more economical than to use the ones for face). And for those who says waxing your brows will make them disappear I will only say: I WISH! I still look like Bert once a week...


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  2. Were you nervous the first time you waxed them?

  3. It is an OLD wives tale that shaving or waxing any part of your body will make it come in thicker or thinner. I have thick eyebrows too. I also wax them. Only in my dreams would they disappear forever. I started shaving them when I was 15...Started waxing them when I was 24. I love your eyebrows Adora <3

  4. I've plucked my eyebrows completely, when I used to be a goth, and now that I'm not anymore, I wish I'd never plucked them, because now they are very VERY sparse. Of course they're not completely gone, but unfortunately they never grew back to normal. :( Have to paint them on everyday and try to make them look as natural as possible. It took me quite some time, to achieve that.

  5. I've been shaving my caterpillars for about a year now. SO much better. :3

    I have pants that look exactly like those purple ones..

  6. Waxing my eyebrows was very painful and my brows would swell up after. Now however, thee waxed part hardly grows back so I barely have to tweeze them.-Ethereal

  7. Cool ideal love Boy George's style. I bleach mine they come back to black pretty quick though.

  8. Lucky, I tweezed my eyebrows once and they never grew back...

  9. I too wish my brows would disappear.

  10. I wish I'd be gifted with thick black brows so I could "design" them as I wanted, my brows are sparse and bright >.< It's impossible to make them thin without having them dissapear and look totally uneven :(
    I can't have them thick because i too look like bert because they are placed so low, but I look like a baby without the brows and I cant wear makeup everyday cause of skinproblems så I can't shave them :(
    I think I will let them "gro wild" for a while and then get one of those eyebrow razor and beginn from square one again :)

  11. Hello sweety pie, I'm just using the same wax as you lol, and always wishing my eyebrows won't be back ... But as you said it, I also look like a ultra hairy creature when I don't do it ... Eyebrows are princesses worst pain lol
    Kisses and sparkles, love ur hair ♥