Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make up review

Max Factor 815 Night Valley Red

A shade of dark, thick blood mixed with cherry.
The color suits me really fine, and have this "old movie star-shade" to it. Absolute a favorite right now since I think it looks great with my marker colored hair ;)
It stays on all day, but you can't make out with it. Light kissing even leaves some "evidence", but to my lips it doesn't feel sticky or dry, just good. I recommend! Price: not horrific.
I have an almost identical color; 02 Cranberry Cream by Elizabeth Arden and that leaves my lips VERY dry after a days wearing it.


  1. lovely colour!!
    by the way, i think we all really miss some kind of make up tutorial
    are yo gonna do more in near future? xD

    love you adora =)

  2. You are beautiful.

  3. Yes I hate sticky lipstick too.

  4. I am convinced that Adora is ill! Barely any eye makeup for the second day in a row.
    I'm scared 0_O

  5. You look like Poison Ivy from the Batman comics :)

  6. Adora, what is the brownish lipstick you use? I think it's a pretty and unusual color.

  7. @Anonymous: Yeah, I agree! Well, I'm actually feeling a cold coming on and today was my stay in with TeeBee all day so I cheated with the make up and hair ;/

  8. What shade of eyeshadow are you wearing? I find it stunning!

  9. Adora what are your thoughts on animal testing in the cosmetic industry?

  10. OMG!!!! You are soo perfect. I adore you Adora!

    And with less make-up you look even prettyer.. true!, true!.

    I hope so I'll see you someday wedouth it. You are stunning.