Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me in white, and I'm not even getting married!

Today Fairlight and TeeBee's daycare celebrated their "graduation" for the summer. They still have a few more weeks to go, but this is how it rolls.
As the tradition we all had white on (except my husband who had light grey pants with his white shirt and baby-blue tie). I felt so summerly! And it was SO hot!

We started out by having a quiz walk.
I must admit I feel a bit wierd wearing all white, but I think I pulled it off. But I like me better in black.
 Group photo of our little angels <3 <3 <3
 TeeBee was just so incredible cute in his turquoise bow tie!
 I put on the frosting "live". The cupcakes both tasted AND looked good.
 Full picture of TeeBee's recurring summer hair.
We had a great day and I managed to stay in the shade all the time! I LOOOOVE having an umbrella with me. But I really must buy me a new one, this is my surrogate since all the nice ones are broken because of this God forsaken town I live in is windy no matter what direction you choose to go!


  1. TeeBee is already tall as his sisters. He'll become a true Viking! XD

  2. You look great in white too. I just adore your style and your little ones are too cute. Wonderful job as always. xo

  3. I love TeeBee's hair! Does mommy help him with that? :-)

    The cupcakes are making me hungry ..

  4. You look like you just stepped out of "Wonderland"!

  5. Oh it's just not fair! You look great in white too an pull it off so beautifully! :) And I agree, you do look like you just stepped out of wonderland. Your outfit looks amazing and I love your tights. Your kids, as per usual, look just as put-togther and flawless as their mommy :) I love Teebee's hair and Fairlight seems to have some green in her hair just like her mom too! It's so adora-ble. ;)
    And I feel your pain about the weather heating up. It's supposed to be 100 degrees farenheit here tomorrow! Not make-up weather at all but alas, I'll suffer through...:) And I'm sorry to here about the tragedy of your umbrellas but at least the wind helps some with the heat right?
    Anyway, you look absolutley precious and beautiful in white (not fair :) though I do like your black a little better...;P I hope you can beat the heat and get some new umbrellas to replace your poor, fallen ones. :)
    -Kelli <3

  6. You should show us what your real wedding dress was Adora, I bet it was wonderful! x

  7. hihi, your children are the cuteest and coolest Kids ever!

  8. Where did you get this dress? I'm searing for a dress like this for a long time I want it for a halloween costum something like a bloody bride.
    And you look amazing like everyday and your kids soooo sweet, I love to read your blog. How hot is it in sweden?
    lots of love F.

  9. You look absolutely adora-ble in white, like a faerie... *__* (if you had this light pink/rose hair again, you would be my perfect fairy, but thats just personal preferences <3 :))

    I would so love to try one of your cupcakes, they look absolutely delicious <3

  10. Cool this look is actually considered ice goth :D Man that greeen hair is nice♥