Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Todays outfit

I've been out shopping some white clothes for TeeBee's and Fairlight's graduation at daycare. This is me right after I got home from town. I found a nice shirt for TeeBee to wear with his turkuoise bow tie and a hair decoration for Fairlight (so far). I will go out tomorrow too, perhaps I can find F some new earrings too.
Prinsess crowns makes me a better shopper
My favourite from last year; to cut off my stockings below my knees, is on my like-list this year too. And the heel-socks are perfect to avoid chafed feet when walking barefoot in shoes.


  1. Awesome look, and it makes you a hero because of hot weather :P

    I'm wearing all white these days, even the security guys at the office ask me why I changed my style. Though I wasn't spreading love today, I was an ass to them and told it's not their business )))

  2. you look fantastic.

    and i LOVE the green in your hair, i really do.

    the green is GOOD on you!

    have fun shopping!

  3. i hope u can help me with this...
    i wish to offer my girl those little crowns like the ones u wear... but i searched everywhere and i just cant find them... i tried to make one but my efforts were in vain :X :P
    so, can u please (pretty please!) tell me where i can find them for sale?
    danke BB!

  4. You're so beautiful, as always. Ha en fin dag!

  5. Its weird seeing your legs without stockings...It kind of freaked me out. lmao.
    Love you Adora!

  6. You are just tooo beautiful <3

  7. looove your shirt!! and your crown. and your hair. You're beautiful like always, Adora :)

  8. Tjusig som alltid! Har du något arbete? Hur hinner du med allt pyssel & har råd med allt?

  9. Adora! can you do a blog about your tattoos?

  10. You have such as a pretty arch! you could be a ballerina <3
    Love you!