Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modelling X-tra-x

I just checked the X-tra-x catalogue online since I've been told it's now out - and see - there I was! I found myself on page 55 and 127 so far. Cool!! And - phuu - I think I did a good job :) My pretty sister  Jenni looks cute as always.
I can't wait to get my hands on that physical catalogue!
I really, really liked these stockings!
I can really recommend the corset I wear (picture in middle). It was easy to wear AND you could lace it in quite tight even though it might look just like a linnen. My favorite of all clothes.
And might I add once more how I loved too model for X-tra-x (no, I'm not payed to say this). Everyone was just so incredible sweet to us and the thing itself; just being in a room filled with all black clothes to try on, a BIIIIG rack of shoes, accessoires and other cool stuff to use as you please - isn't that kind of every goth girls kind of heaven? For me it was. It was SO funny :D


  1. I think that blouse/dress thingy on the far right suits you very well <3 My favourite of all things shown!

  2. You look great in all of the pictures :) it sounds like it was really fun.

  3. Is it just me or does your sister like to add in a little punk to her look? I love it.

  4. I think it's just you.

  5. Adorable Adora! That really sounds like a every day wet goth dream to be there and be able to be with all those gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories! I have a question to you, do you use always like real metal boned corsets which have the number sizes or are you fit also with the xs,s & m sizes? because I have a problme with clothes/corsetry.

    I'm quite small sized girl, my corset size is 18 or 20 (22 is too big for me, clothing size xs or s) but these days very few sell smaller than 22 and I wonder if you know any cheap places online to buy small sized metal boned corsetry. Of course I understand that they are handmade, in some cases fit to the clients needs and a good corset lasts for years, correctly worn and the price is that what it is with that kind of quality, you probably know what I mean.. I've bought some from Burleska but lately they haven't had any of my sizes :C have you ever had this problem? That you can't find your size gothic clothes?

  6. I saw you at the catalogue :) you look great at every picture.
    The stockings you can get at

    (omg, what a big link, i hope it works)
    greetings from germany

  7. Nice to hear you are so glad about the job.

    I have the catalogue @home cause in Leipzig (20th WGT) they already had them in stock.
    If you like you can buy the catalogue in a bonded version for 10€.
    So you have a nice physical souvenir of this job, right !? *g*

    Greetz from Germany

  8. I love that you really have your own look. I can pick you out right away even in a huge catalog with dozens of other models. And you were gorgeous as always! A totally random question though - anyone know who the guy is that appears on page 55 of the catalog? My husband and I both think he looks familiar, but I can't figure it out...

  9. You two are looking gooood.
    I soooo want that catalogue now :D

  10. The catalogue was already available on WGT last week. I took one with me, wonderfull new stuff and I saq a few pics of you.

  11. So pretty sister's, and btw, your sister looks like blind mag from repo! the genetic opera :)

  12. I found you in the web-shop too :D

    you did an adorable job :D