Friday, June 10, 2011

Recipe: Viola bows (sugar pretzels)

As a young child, innocent and sweet...nah, who am I kidding? Who's story am I trying to tell?
The truth; as a young child, scary and with sociopathic streaks I sometimes were allowed to visit my grandma and grandpa under supervision of a crowd of psychiatrists and doctors standig by with a shoot of anaesthetic if anything should go wrong....again ;)
Everytime I visited my grandma, Viola, she baked these "sugary" pretzels. She was a diabetic so it had no sugar on top and I was not so fond of those plain pretzels back then.
But then I grew up to an innocent and sweet... Again! Wtf, tell the truth you fucking psycho! Okay, okay, I will, stop yelling at me!
But then I grew up to be a happy vampire (-Satisfied? Hmm, well, okay, it is bending the truth a bit on the kind side, but okay, I can settle for that.) and all of I sudden I just grabbed a recipe in my book and you can imagine my surprise when I took the sugary pretzel inbetween my fangs and I got ripped back in time just as if Superman had flown backwards of the earth once again as I landed in my (now deceased) grandma Viola's kitchen and was 7 years old wearing some hideous brown manchester pants and a white turtleneck with a big pretzel stuck between my teeth!
I've found Viola's recipe!
So from this day foward I named them Viola bows and it is a great memory to have of her <3

Viola bows/Sugar Pretzels converter
These will only yeast once
50 grams butter
1,5 dl milk
0,5 dl sugar
25 g yeast
4,25 dl wheat flour

Melt the butter and add milk to it. Heat to 37 degrees Celcius.
Mix in the sugar and yeast. Stir a bit.
Add the flour and knead the dough for 10 minutes in a machine (or by hand).
At once pour it out and cut it to 8 pieces. Make them as 20-30 cm long worms that you swirl like a pretzel (or whatever) on a baking plate. Add a tiny bit of extra flour if you must, but you shouldn't have to.
Put over a towel and let yeast for 30 minutes.
Put oven to 275 degrees Celcius (yes, it's correct - 275!) lower-middle for 5 minutes.
Paint them with water (or melted butter) and dip them in a sugary bowl before serving.

Do you have a memory cake from someone you love? Write down the recipe before they leave this earth is todays hot tips.


  1. I have a chocolate cake receipe from my grandmother who passed away 10 years ago. Love the cake and love the handwritten receipe!

  2. Fantastic! Grandma, Birgit, on mothers side died when I was a teenager so I have had to bake my way trough to find my favorite recipe by her. It took many years, but now I have 3 of her best :)

  3. Hi! this is a recipe from my grandma Ada...she died when I was four but I still remember how nice and smiling she was and the jokes she made all the time:) the recipe comes from northern italy and it tastes delicious and it's not too sugary; Ada once met my other grandma, Rosa, from the south, and they exchanged recipes; I found it at rosa's house! it's called "sbrisolona"(funny name isn't it?:) ) which means...let me think...crumbly! and that's because when you cook it it ends up looking like there are many crumbs sticking together. to me it looks like the moon face, so it shoud be named "moonly" but I suppose ancient people didn't know how the moon was looking closely.

    Ingredients: (for 8 people)

    200 gr of sweet almonds, 250 gr of flour, 150 gr of yellow flour(corn flour), 200 gr of sugar, 200 gr of butter(room temperature), 2 egg yolks, a pinch of salt, grated lemon peel, a 24 cm wide baking pan.

    put almonds into boiling water and peel them, or if you like it you can avoid this step and can keep their skin on; crush them into pieces.

    melt the yellow and the white flour, sugar, lemon skin, some of the almonds and the pinch of salt.
    add butter and egg yolks;

    melt the dough with your bare hands and rub them as to create "irregular" crumbs.

    smear some butter on the baking pan and cover it with flour: now you can spread the "crumbs" on it without leaving any blank spaces and cover the whole with remaining crushed almonds.

    bake in the oven for 60 minutes at 180°, serve it when it's cold and dust it with some sugar.

    I know this is not montignac at all but I bet you can enjoy the recipe...there is also the boiled eggs-version: you use boiled eggs instead of just yolks and you remove the butter at all, you smash them and merge them with flour, sugar and the almonds.
    thanks for reading and sharing your life-facts with us ;)
    have a nice weekend!

  4. i HAVE TO do this O.O sugar prezels yummie!!

  5. Hi,
    My grandma, Mathilde, made me dream with her fruitcake with rum. She passed away 5 years ago.

  6. Awhh.. they went terribly wrong.. ._.
    I'll try them again tomorrow (: