Friday, June 10, 2011

Make up crisis!

I'm such a klutz! I broke my blusher! My everyday blusher!
Now I have to survive on the crumbles for 3 weeks...
Every single picture of me from the last 8-10 years is by this color (if I don't wear purple or blue etc.)
Boohoooo...I'm totally heartbroken.
On all following pictures I have Make Up Store's blusher Chic
For many, maaany years I've bought the same blusher when ever in a town that carries Make Up Store (this makes it sound like I live in the far jungle).
I use the color Chic by Make Up Store.
Not many people like to wear as much blush as I do, I'm definately an overdoser when it comes to that.
I love wearing blush since I think it makes me look like a mix between 18'th century people, a doll and a girl in heat ;)
A hot tips for blush is; when you paint it on, make it about 1/3-1/2 more then how you want the result.
Because when you paint on the blusher you agitates the skin underneath and that makes it blush naturally causing it to look as you had enough, but after 10-30 minutes you will hardly notice you painted any on (well, unless you're an overdoser like me).


  1. ;_; how sad... i wish i could give you mine!

  2. Oh dear, it must be the end of your world. I hope you show as much concern for your children.

  3. That's a great tip! No wonder my blush is never visible after I leave the house!

  4. Well,'re screwed now...and in a BAD way! 3 weeks will come.

  5. why do you not just fix the blush? keep the bits of it in the pan, than slowly add 99% alcohol until its barely covered, carefully pat into shape, and let dry for a couple of hours, DONE

  6. You can order it from there...

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  8. If you kept almost all the crumbs, you can easily repair it! That's not a problem at all!
    Look at this video:

    It's a very easy and useful solution, waiting to buy a new one.

  9. Kicks har ju iofs börjat sälja Make up store i många av sina butiker, om inte närmaste Kicks har kan man ju beställa via deras hemsida :)

  10. oh no, that's no good. I know, my mom's the same way. She only uses a certain kind of blush, for years! : )

    The same thing happened to my powder foundation.

  11. In fact, that blush color is beautiful, it's not easy to find pretty pink blush these days, everyone, atleast in my country, wants to look orange :p

  12. @ Anonymous: How mature you are. And you can judge a her personality simply by reading one blogpost, I admire you. :O

  13. Nu är detta en något gammal post men eftersom jag har samma favorit och saknar den så - blev inte den discontinued? Den finns iallafall inte i min lokala Make up store och de säger att den inte säljs längre?

  14. WOWW
    I love first photo - you soooooooo pretty

  15. I'm A MotherFuckin' BarbieOctober 4, 2011 at 1:25 AM

    @Anonymous: Go suck a dick if you think you're a badass.
    BTW, Yes, she does care for her children. Go fuckin' look at her blogposts. Almost ALL of them either have something to do with Synthia, Fairlight, TeeBee, or all 3 of them. So YOU can just kiss my ass.