Monday, June 13, 2011

Shoe search

I'm about to buy me some new shoes.
My wet dream is to get my feets into these beauties:

I have searched for them for a VERY long time, but only similar shoes turns up.
Some help anybody?
I want the exact same: 7 eyelets, made of PU and with those special fastening straps.

But in the meantime I've ordered these from China:
I need me a new pair of shoes since my Demonia Trashvilles broke in the zipper, and they are my day to day shoes for all autumns and winters when running back and forward to daycare. But I think the new ones will do the job :)

Here I am in my beloved Trashvilles at the M'era Luna festival 2008 in Hildesheim, Germany. AND as a coincidence - today is exactly 2 months to the day left!
I have the exact same Trashvilles with buckles as well. Soooo comfortable.


  1. I like the boot portion of the ones you bought from China but I do like the rubber sole portion of the other ones. Some people call it picky I call it wanting perfection. :/

  2. I just posted a link on your Facebook to an Ebay auction selling similar boots, but not PU. Like I said there, maybe you can contact the seller and ask the brand name so you can search easier. Since so many of your shoes are Demonia, I thought maybe these are too, but I can't find them anywhere, and I'm usually really good at finding shoes and boots online. I hope you find them, they'd look great on you!

  3. Ebay!!
    Är det inte de här du letar efter:

    Tror att man kan få dem i lack, vill minnas att min kommpis hade det...

    Hoppas du hittar skorna!

  4. whenever you go onto ebay site put it in as because it gives you results from all over the world all ebay sites and here are few linkys to your shoes :)

    hope it helps :)

  5. The ones you've ordered look really nice ^^

  6. Unisex Gothic Lolita Strings Heavy Metal Emo Rock Boots
    ebay-US $75.00

  7. Doesn't Demonia have anything similar? Cause they have LOTS!
    Or so I've seen off of Attitude Clothing's website..

  8. OMG I'm so exited to post a comment on your website! I'm french, and maybe I can help you, because my favorite french shoes site is:
    I don't know if you can shop on a french site, but I think they can help you to command...They are very nice on this site!

  9. I think that there have been made some changes to the shoes in the picture. They look like same as those shoes, you only have to remove some eyeletted piece of them:

  10. Hey! They have a pair of these on Ebay, but it's not in the shiney PVC, just PU

  11. I found your shoes!!! yay for me...