Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping spree!

I've been running free today! I had an amazing shopping spree!
Well, not so much shopping as spree'ing.
My best shopping is SALE SALE SALE! I love buying cheap! And today I grabbed a cute cream white layered tulle skirt for the girls and a white shirt with short sleeves for TeeBee. I want to make skull prints on it, I think he'd be glad.
And WHAT about me - I should have something small too *pouting my lower lip, winking my lashes*
I found the most magnificent hair clips in my favorite faded pink color (kids department H&M)
I really, REALLY love this old pink color, the only thing I hate about it is that it will look horrible when I change my hair back to pink again
;(  I mostly wear red hair-stuff when I have pink...
But I won't change back just yet *sorry*.. I usually have a 1 year limit for my hair colors. But this flourescent green will change to a more "Adora-green" after M'era Luna in August. And no to be unfaithful to this crazy green, because I DO like it for being so funny and crazy, but I think it's a too "sharp" color for me. It's not the pastel, faded colors I'm used to, so I will try to make it a more "me" green.
Only hope it won't look like I've used to be blond and showered in water with too much iron in it...
And not to have any confusion here...the color after green will not be pink. I will have another inbetween :) Whihoo, can't wait!


  1. A 1 year limit? I wish I had that patience! No sooner is the dye in my hair, and I'm looking for the next one... more like a 1 month limit for me! :D

    Green is always good fun though ^^

  2. I went through a phase where I dyed my hair every color I could get my hands on

  3. A very intense green yet you are still stunning in it! )O(

  4. 1 year limit?? HAHA it's been 4 years that my hair are purple. And I'm still in love with this color :)

    Anyways, you're so beautiful with all your hair color <3

    XO Mauve.

  5. You just need to make it more mint green!! (maybe some more pastel blue to counteract the yellow)

  6. Yes, that color pink does look great with apple green! :)

  7. eeek... you will be at the Mera?? Hmm, Sii i want to see you! I hope, I get the chance to travel to Hildesheim (2 little kids and no husband :( )

  8. Adora, I have a question for you :D
    What´s your favourite perfume?
    Or what perfume you use every day?


  9. Hey Adora, I want to ask you, what kind of foundation and powder do you use?

  10. I wish I had verry light blonde hair. That way dying it would make it easier. Next I'm doing a (dark african) green with black on top. Never had green before! And I agree with Lauren, mint green would look awesome on you (:

  11. Dear Anon, all ur questions can be answered at


  12. Yes, please do change back soon! Although you'd look good in any colour I don't like green that much. Pastels look especially cute on you I think <3