Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Been at Stockholm

Sunday I was at my friend L's house for some sweet cupcakes she made.
I like having friends that knows their way around the kitchen.

All off a sudden my honey called and announced that we have got babysitters so we could go to Stockholm tomorrow! and holding hands without some mini persons saying its boooooring or wanting to hold my hand so I can't hold my honey.

Monday: leaving the little cuties at my husbands parents and then quickly jump into the car and drive the 6 hour drive to Stockholm.
Here I am driving our SAAB 9-5 Aero Sportcombi, named Miss Brown after this song. I love driving!
I made it all the way to Stockholm without any major problems ;)
We took a fast stroll on town, mostly to check out some Pip Studio Design and Green Gate stuff I wanted. But the stuff I wanted wasn't in.
This is the make up I had on the first day. You can't really tell, but I had like a jar or silver glitter from Make Up Store under each eye. I LOVE GLITTER!!! Must have been a crow in my previous life.
Next day I was ready for town in this little outfit. It's a basic tulle skirt (I have a few safety pins on the inside to lift the tulle at front), my top is just a bra, linen and a bra top (bustier?) from an underwear store. I have no problem wearing underwear on top :) and a few necklaces, net gloves and dotted stockings.
I'm only wearing corsets on special occations, like concerts/festivals. On a regular shopping I wear corset-like things, but nowhere near as hard like a real corset. Corset = prettiest, but I don't wanna die when shopping (although that would be a fab way to go!).

Had a BIG shrimp salad for lunch.
Went back to our friend N & J's flat to pack our bags.
Stopped on the way for a soft ice with lots of sprinkles.
Then I had some Thai food - and kill me slowly by lightening one hair at the time to flames - that was HOT! My eyes started to run, and I could not stop saying "ouch" for every bite. I was so hungry and it tasted so good that nano second before the lava feeling entered that I had to finish it. It was the strongest food I have ever had. I'd rather turn normal than eat that again. It was THAT horrible!

Best thing about Stockholm is that I spotted some really good looking, alternative girls (as in pretty, not me being in love), but I'm lousy at recognicing people so I hope it was noone I was supposed to recognice so they thought I was a total snob not saying hello. I'm always worried about that...
BUT a super cute, and total surprice, was a gorgeous girl with big, black hair and super pretty face that came up to me and told me she followed me on youtube and that she liked my style (I think. I was so surprised!). It made me really happy <3 Thank's :)

And what else - oh yes, when I was in the Shock shop I was photographed for their Facebook page. She said they photographed their most pretty customers. Even if it was a total lie, it still made me bit happy :)
And that was this Stockholm tour. I hope it will not be too long until I go there again. I'd love to have more time there, so I could go to a disco or something.


  1. Curious, is the steering wheel on the left or right side? I know it's different in England, not sure if it's like that in other countries in Europe.

  2. Hej Adora. I love your blog, you are so beautifull, nice and just the right amount of evil! Can't wait for your shop to open, even if im not a Goth I still love your style.

    Keep it up!

  3. @AK its on the same side as england.

  4. @AK: It's actually on the same side as the U.S.: You can tell from the picture of Adora driving, too. I've been to Continental Europe in an English car, so I kind of remembered it was like this, but had to look it up to be sure before I said it!

    Great post, Adora!

  5. (It is true that Sweden drove on the left side until 1967--here's the wiki about the switch:

  6. "I don't wanna die when shopping (although that would be a fab way to go!)."

    Adora, you are too funny! That would be a great way to go!

  7. 1. You know I have loved you and your style since I saw it the first time like 11 years ago or more on helgon :P

    I still think you are the most beautiful woman in the world !! <3

    Ohh right !
    "fake" corsets = torsett/torslett :P

    I have about 16 at home so yeah... only one real corset because there really really expensive !!!!