Monday, July 25, 2011

The kids

Synthia and Fairlight at a bakery having some cake. Synthia is a spitting image of me as a kid and Fairlight is a perfect girl version of my husband. I always knew he would look fab as a girl ;)
Mummy loves <3
TeeBee had his own table :)


  1. Awwww. I felt my heart melt. They are cute.

  2. OOOH how sweet are your kids and how sweet is your language! The next I'm going to learn, it's swedish!
    Hej då!

  3. ohhhh, this makes me want to have some of my own, despite my inner arguements about such things. ^-^

  4. oh my goodness! adora u have the prettiest girls in the world! btw do ur little ones know english?? i just wanted to know since u speak english too im spaniard and mexican and i speak english and spanish and my two little zombies speak both aswell im wanting us to learn a diffrent language lol but ill stick with the basics so they and myself dont get confused lol anyways ur a great mommy!