Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cartwheeling Adora

An old dream of mine has always been to be able to do a cartwheel and one of 2011 New Years resolutions was to make it this summer.

Today we were at our friends house for some barbecue and cuddling their rabbits and our kids riding one of their horses and with all this green stuff, called grass, I was brave enough to try it.
It might not have come out the way I hoped for, but I think I improved during the day :)
It was fun :)


  1. you are so adorable Adora :D

  2. Ohhh! How cute!
    I love your oufit! do you have a picture of it?

  3. This is so cute, I want to try to do one at some point too. It's a goal I want to hit before I'm 30, so I have some time. I just want to strengthen my arm muscles first, I'm overweight so it would hurt reeeally bad if I wasn't able to support myself and fell on my arms. But you're doing good, that's how you start! You'll be able to do it perfectly in no time if you keep practicing.

  4. So sweet you want to learn how to cartwheel!!!
    It's easiest than what what you might think!
    Just few tips:
    Don't be afraid to fall, i'm sure your arms are strong enough to support your skinny body.
    From your starting position push and kick back with your back leg and during your cartwheel don't bend your kneese.


  5. Rofl, yes that's exactly how I do my cartwheels too, I've never mastered them. I'm probably even worse now considering that the last time I did one I was...14 maybe.

  6. I think I have a very similar (maybe the same) dress somewhere... But it's several inches larger as I used to wear it before I lost almost 20 kg.

  7. Haha I can't make one too!! I think that's a problem for everyone that's tall (I'm 1.76)... I used to do rhythmic gymnastic and I never was able to do a decent one... :( Now I want to try too!!

    ...But I'll never reach you adorability at doing it. :3

  8. ahah this was so adora-ble! :3 I cant do that either o.o and here in The Netherlands there is no summer ._. only dark rainy days. Oh wel, dark, also nice ;)

  9. How come you hide your second youtube account? These videos aren't on your main youtube account. Can't click the little youtube button and can't right click it to watch on youtube.

  10. I love your blog and your sweet, positive outlook on life! It's one of the blogs I read most often.

    You almost have that cartwheel! Just give it a bit more energy when you push off so you can go all the way over and keep your legs straight and up-- you can do it!

  11. another question: where is your green hair???? 8-o

  12. It looks like you aren't leaning forward enough, put your weight to your hands and kick off with your feet. Hope this helps Adora~! <3