Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Webshop almost there...

It feels like this web shop thingy have been going on forever!
It was supposed to be released today but I will have to check over a few more things tomorrow before I set it free.
The worst part is that my Adorable Heart blouse that was supposed to be my signature item is not ready yet.
I could NEVER have anticipated it would be so difficult to find the fabric I need.
Ok, so Sweden is a small country, but I still thought most things could be ordered via swedish wholesalers but I was bitten in my ass by that one.
Not the original blouse, just a first copy.
But, no time to be sad and moping. I just have to put my blouse and collars up later.
It just feels a bit boring to release the shop with nothing more than a few stockings and some make up in it...
But at least the pictures looks good :)
The make up I have put on the shop is ONLY the make up I use myself. Hopefully I will be able to add some more of the brands I use later. So far I only carry Kryolan.


  1. Awesome. I'm excited about your store.

  2. Blus eller inte, blir din shop perfekt. Det är svårt att hitta bra smink. Kram /Therese

  3. Omg i want those lashes sooooooooooooooo X infinte...bad!!! lol

  4. These lashes look stunning!
    Could you recommend a good eyelash adhesive? Adhesives I use aren't sticky at all and eyelashes always drop :(

  5. Excitement! Can you order from your store only from Sweden? Or in whole of Europe? : 3

  6. Thank's all :)

    @Dominique: All of the world can shop at BatBrat's shop :)

    @Anonymous: I always use DUO adhesive. It's the only one I'm not allergic to. I use the clear one since I use it for lashes as well as attaching other stuff on my face (they also have a black).

  7. Kryolan går ju att få tag på hos andra, kommer du ha något särskilt bra pris eller så för att det ska löna sig för folk att handla just från din sida? Inget illa menat utan mer en tanke bara...

  8. Thank you so much for answering :D

  9. @Anonymous: She asked if I would have a special good price of Kryolan since it can be bought at other places.

    And the answer is: I don't know. Sweden is extreamly expensive. All in Sweden have to buy from the same Swedish agent and we only get 10% off on all products. And on top of this I have to pay for the freight, so in order for me to make some money I have to put on quite a lot. But I'm always working on finding better wholesalers so I can have the best price possible. But I can't compete with the Kryolan store in Sweden or Kryolan from USA since they buy in a lot cheaper then me. But I'm trying to be a bit cheaper then other swedish Kryolan retailers. I want people to be able to wear good quality make up :)