Friday, July 22, 2011

Todays make up

As we are re-arranging a bit at home we needed some stuff.
*Uhhh, I just smashed a bug on my computer screen. Icky!*
So we gathered the kids and went out today. It was no easy task, but we managed to find what we were looking for.
We started off by taking an afternoon break at a coffe house.
I went for an applepie and a sticky mud cake (well, I bought the sticky chocolate cake and my husband the apple pie, and then we split both in half and exchanged flavours).
 The BatBrat bunch ;)
And what did we shop for? Oh, nothing exiting at all. Just a white stool with storage space to keep our collection of paper .


  1. I've heard that only anorexics and the morbidly obese are so obsessed with food as you are my dear. You make such efforts to show that you are eating while I doubt that much of it is ever swallowed.

  2. ^Unless your by her side and watching her eat, dont assume shit. So i'd back off now while you still have a chance because if this is your idea of a worthy comment, the continuence of it could result in alot of negitiviy towards you. Shes gorgoues and healthy, hate somewhere else.

  3. your so photogenic and good with the kids. hope ill be as good with a family as you are :)

  4. Hy Adora! first time commenting here! sorry for my bad english... i follow your photographic model work for some time (i'm a amateur photographer)

    I found a website with clothes that if u don't know them you will love it so i had to post it

    and don't care with that stupid in the comments, theres ppl that don't have nothing to do so they speak...

    a big kiss for you and for your 3 cute litle vampires! :P

    Adro N. Von Crow

  5. I love your make-up in those photos and I agree, you are just soooo photogenic! Do you just take a photo and it's perfect or do you take a few and choose? I take so many photos and only end up choosing 1 or 2 that I like. But anyway...
    That apple pie looks very yummy and your kids are adora-ble as usual ;) I love the blue in Fairlight's bangs too ^.^
    And ignore the rude and totally unfounded comments. You're gorgeous and nobody here thinks you're trying to prove to us that you eat. We know you eat due to your yummy recipes that you always give us :)
    -Kelli <3

  6. Bad comments means: ENVY.
    To worry about food is something that everyone needs to do. Eat in a health way is very important!
    Your´re gorgeous, your kids too. But I can´t like the green of your hair =P
    I prefer pink or purple ;)
    kisses, kisses!
    Keeps being so "inspirADORAble"!


  7. I have to say that you take my breath away, you truly are ADORAble!

  8. Skitsnygg makeup. Ni är så söta hela bunten :)

  9. You are eye is so amazing, pure art! You are so beautiful and the green hair makes you look toxic ;D and you look so cute eating cake (^_^)

    ScytheCat xxx

  10. synthia looks exactly like you! too cute

  11. But she isn't healthy... go back through this blog. How often is she ill..? I'm not hating or envious.

  12. Your makeup is awesome-as always^^ And you and your kids are so cute together!!
    I just have one question, is this your real hair, is it really this long? It's awesome (= !!

  13. That make up is just fab! *_*
    dör lite för att den är så snygg

  14. Love your make up. On some days I do something similar to that with the eyes but I think you do everything better than me <3 I like all these pictures.

  15. AWESOME Makeup! so graphically linear, I love how you come up with ideas I would never think could work.But they look flawless

  16. Awesome! what a fun day for you. How the heck did you eat all of that?! LOL. The bat bunch is quite cute,congrats there. Bug on the screen, yeeuck! spiders are my problem, well to kill them. I will def get very ill for hours after that, won't go into detail. so yeah hates them. Good luck with working up your own biz sweetie. Nice to see a very happy face, bless ya
    ^..^ :)