Saturday, July 23, 2011

Todays outfit

My old hometown, Kalmar, had a market today so we packed a car of fun (=kids) and went.
It was super! The kids bought some Bionicle's and I bought some market candy, Jack Skellington patches and a new nose chain :)
After we went to IKEA to buy a new mattress...and had an ice cream


  1. It´s a pity your picture doesn´t enlarge here (can it be a post edition problem? I had this problem once in my blog), you are looking very pretty!!
    The make uo... oooh, beautifuul!
    Kids = super cute

  2. Your children are darlings! I bet they're fun to be around ^_^

    Mmmmm .. icecream and mattresses sound like a good, comfortable, yet odd mix, right?

  3. Fairlight looks just like her mother. Gorgeous.

  4. I saw you there and i was about to say Hi i read your blog but for some reason i got scared i didn´t dare to do is :S

  5. @Sansann: Oh, is it true?! I did see a few alternatives there. It would have been so fun :) I hope I didn't scare you while yelling at my kids ;)

  6. I SAW YOU IN KALMAR 2010 ON A "marknad" (market ?). Or,, I think it was you... but i have a question.. in 2010, where did you celebrate midsummer???

  7. Adora you're so nice! i wish i had a mom like you!well i love mine, but you're soo cool! ...may i just ask you something? I really do love the black shirt you have in this photo, where can i get one similar? i'd love to have one too :) thanks for your really funny posts and have a nice day ^_^
    (an italian fan of your)