Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

A week has already passed and today it's time for "Friday with Iva Insane" again!

I'd like to thank everybody for the great response and cute comments from last week blogpost, and I hope you will appreciate the following post as well.

This week I'm gonna tell you what types of hair products every goth-boy or girl must have in their bathroom cabinet. Because I know how much you people color, bleach, put in extensions, back-comb and torture your poor hair.

Okay, let's start!
First of all it's very important to use right kind of products for YOUR hair.
Do you have a damaged hair?
Thick and unruly?
Thin and weak?
And ask yourself "What kind of results do you want with the products you're using?"
Shampoo, conditioner and treatment
For me, it's important to use caring products that rebuilds and moisturize my hair, because I bleach it.
I always shampoo my hair at least two times to wash away the naturally grease from the scalp and the remaining styling products I've used.
Remember that you only need to use shampoo by your scalp (If you haven't used a LOT of products of course) The hairlengths will be washed while you rinse the shampoo out.

When it feels like your hair is clean (and you've got plenty of foam) it's time to start with the caring products.
Squeeze out as much water you can before using the treatment.
Start to apply the product in the lengths and pull your fingers through your hair to get the caring products in the whole hair. (Notice that you shall NOT put the treatment directly to your scalp! Then it will look like you haven't washed your hair in months ^^ )
Let the treatment be in as many minutes as the description says, and then rinse your hair ( Most of them don't need to be in more than 3 minutes).
Squeeze your hair, and pull out as much water you can once again before using your conditioner in the hairlenghts (Notice - hairlenghts) and rinse once again. If you have a very extreme, semipermanent color in your hair you can add some of the color to your conditioner and your hair color will not turn out in a sissy, washed-out way.

When your hair is clean and towel-dry it's time to use the styling products.
I use to start by apply some moroccanoil in my hairlenghts.
If I will use the blow-dryer I also add some heat-protection (It can be in spray or creme-form ect.)
If you'd like some volume to your hair, you can apply the volumizing products when you have blow-dried the hair for a while to get the best effect.
I'm a fan of the 80's crimped hair! After I've crimped all my long hair I use "Dust it" from schwarzkopf proffessional.( you can find it at your hairdresser for about 16 euro) massage the product to the roots of your hair, before you start to back-comb it.
I'll promise you to get a hair that stays in shape for at least one week if you follow my suggestions and being strictly with the back-combing! Finish your hairstyle with some hairspray- Voila!

The products I'm using:
Dust it - from schwarzkopf professional
Ritual salvation - from EVO
Silver shampoo & silver treatment from Lakmé
GHD heat-protection
Helmut hairspray from EVO
Blond me shampoo, conditioner and treatment with cool tones from Schwarzkopf professional.
Hi, Adora here.
I'm sure this post is highly appreciated by all (as by me).
Remember; my sister is not only beautiful, she is a professional hairdresser and owns her own hair salon, one of the top 3 in Gothenburg (so she's VERY good!)! You can most definite trust her judgement.

I myself wash my hair once every week, and as Iva says I schampo twice (Schwartzkopf), and always adds a bit of my Directions Hair color to the conditioner to maintain the color. I let it set for only 5-10 minutes. Rinse and style as you whish. This is also the way I mix my pastel colors I've had before (soft pink, light purple, babay blue etc.) but I then have it in for 15 minutes. The result:


  1. yay this was helpful ^^

  2. Lovely photos per usual! Good tips. I love to dress in a more costume-like way, but I cannot for every day. I enjoy your daily blogs. They inspire me to be creative. ;)

  3. ah this was a great blog! something i had just been needing to know and wondering about =D

  4. this was a great help :) would you be willing to a teeny weeny hair tutorial? i am always in awe of how you do your hair into messy pigtail type the 1st picture. i love it but i wouldnt know where to start :)i hope you consider doing this :) thankx

  5. Jenni, you're too cute <3
    Thanks for posting hair advice! I have one question though: you said, if the backcombing was done right, it could last for a week. However, I myself seem never to be able to get the backcombing right *sniffs* It would be too awesome if you could post a backcombing tutorial or even a video on it!!
    Yay for the cutest (and gothest) sisters <3

  6. I've got a question,

    I dyed my hair a nice dark burgundy red and I have purple streaks, how can I do the color in conditioner trick without ruining my purple streaks? also have any products that you could recommend to reduce the volume of your hair (i.e big lion main friz ball hair)

  7. Wow Iva, you look absolutely gorgeous in the silver hair and black lipstick photo.

  8. Can we see a picture of you without make-up please..? xx

  9. Thank you for the advice :)

    But I wonder... Adora, you have to wash it only once a week? How does it work? :( My hair gets greasy after 2 days so I have to wash it... is there a kind of trick or are you just lucky? :D

  10. I agree, would be great a tutorial explaining a PROFESSIONAL 80's backcombing style! ;-D Jenni you can do it, you are the pro girl here! :-D I would like to see something "old school" :)
    I never bought Schwarzkopf before, cause all told me "it cannot be good cause it's too cheap, go buy Kérastase or something like that..." I'm going to try Schwarzkopf then :)

  11. My hair is so gross after 24 hours. So much oil! I wouldn't be able to stand only washing once a week.

  12. Thank You for the special. Waited for it all day ^___^
    But, how do you two (espacially Adora with her black hair) get that white-blonde look, whitout ruin it... Direction Whitener does not help at my brown orange hair (black -> blonde) so I wear Red to not show that result ^-^ How do u get your colors out of your beautyfull long hair?

  13. If I go to your place someday I'll trust your sis my hair and see what wonderful things she can do with it! <3 <3

  14. i will try out your tactics XD
    BTW, Iva, how did you do your hair in that first photo? I never figured that one out, and i love it :)

  15. Emelie: I crimped and back-combed my hair, added some synthetic DE-dreads and put up 2 fluffy ponytails on each side of the head :)
    After that you can put on some hair-decorations to get that last touch ;)
    / Iva

  16. alrighty! Thanks very much :)

  17. Very helpful tips! :) I dye my hair all the time, so my hair thanks you for this haha. I have a question though, I usually have two different colours in my hair (like pink and blue) do you have any tips so the colours don't bleed together as much when I wash it? Thank you again!

  18. To the commenters; How can I grow my bangs out long FAST? and fade my permanent black dye?
    my long hair was my bestie, but I regret chopping it off :'(

  19. But when I put haircolor in my conditioner, wouldn't that color all of my hai? What would I do when I'd have part colored, part bleached hair?
    Like in this picture
    Thank you so much and greetings from Austria,

  20. Hi, Adora.
    I have a small question.
    When we are made a semi-permanent colouring (having was to bleaching, off course).
    The very first color which we make.
    We have to put the color Direction on dry hair, but so for example have want that the tint
    is more clear one can mix the color "Direction" with the conditioner for very first time?
    Excuse I from my English, I do not speak very well this language.