Monday, August 29, 2011

Gothic item: cupcake tower

I love how sweet people are, and how they understand my fascination for cool gothic items.
This fantastic cupcake tower was a tip given by a fellow goth (sorry, but forgot the name).
I would SO like it for my parties. This was the coolest ever! Thank's a lot for the tip!

Vampires, gather around to sink your teeth into my raspberry cupcakes.
Costs $99.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (temporary out of stock)


  1. Beautiful! I have a BB&B Near my home! Maybe send one to Sweden? XD

  2. Do you know how to make any Hair Accesories? or some Hairstyle Ideas? My hair is long and Black, and i'm thinking about getting bangs...

  3. I will have to visit this store, next year in Malaysia :)

  4. Haha, Thanks for citing me!
    Hope they get another shipment :)

  5. Wow (drools) I love that cupcake stand! But the price tag is really high on that... which means I'll never own it (cries).

    I have a spiderweb cupcake stand that I purchased several years ago at Target and use that one pretty often, but I love the one you posted about way more!

  6. wow, this is really beautiful :)

    Do you know the Danish Designer Lisbeth Dahl? Your stuff somehow reminds me of that