Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modelling Nauclear Design

Naucler Design, the swedish pride in latex designs have made some übercute hair accessories I had the fortune to model.

Naucler Design was also the sponsor for me and Jenni's wonderful custum made outfits we wore at Torture Garden in London last year.

The slogan is my own, but I think it fits :)
They were attached by a haircomb on the inside. I teased my hair just a little and that made them stay put perfectly.

Haha, I just LOVE the fact I can look like a blond bimbo/drag queen whenever I please. It makes me laugh every single time! My husband laughs not so much *mo-ha-hahaahh*


  1. Sweet, Sweeter, hmmm? Ah Adora. They look so great...And inspration pure. greets from Germany

  2. adora,I have a question for you, but it's a bit private so I don't know if you feel like answering it. anyway, i try. what do your parents and parents in law think of your look and your life style? Mine would probably disown me (my parents)and my parents in law I'm sure would think I'm not a fit wife and mother (I have two kids). Don't get me wrong, I love your style and I think there's a lot a can learn form you as a mom, but I can't help thinking that many people, here where a live (northern italy) would think I'm way too strange and would feel sorry for my children. stupid people, yeah, i know, but that's the way it works here

    1. you shoulnt care about what people think, live your life the way you want!

  3. Adora I love your pictures, I'm like really in love with you!
    Wish I could be like you ... feeling so good about yourself but here's kind of really different hehe LOVE YOU!

    Wish the best things for you and your family! <3

  4. Again, you´re pure beauty!!! And so inspiring!!!

  5. Oh.. my.. god.. you look totally fab!

  6. Even WITHOUT makeup, you look stunnig! I think I may put your picture in my locker..I hope that doesn't sound creepy...How do you get sucha pale pallor? I can never get that...

  7. Äh du ser inte alls drag ut, jättefin!

  8. You look diferent! I mean, the divine-diferent way XD. Maybe it's the eyebrows. Fabulous as always!

  9. Jenni Buttons BachAugust 29, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    Love these stunning pics! i saw your pretty sister Jenni on the Naclear website last time i browsed it :-)

  10. heeej adora! jättevackra bilder på en sjukt vacker tjej. jag undrar om du inte skulle kunna styla om dig till en bimbo eller dragqueen som du skrev å lägga upp en bild. För skojs skull! :) skulle va kul. puss från sverige!