Thursday, August 4, 2011


In 10 days it's the M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany.
As usual I have outfit-panic!!!!
What to wear? How will I do the make up? The hair, what about the f*cking hair?!!
The thing is: German people are the BEST when it comes to really cool outfits. You can never out-cool them.
I won't even try...
This year me and sister will try a new thing (for us). We were about to buy a certain kind of lenses but they will not be able to arrive in time and to my luck I found a total opposite lens today that I bought. Not what we were going for, but it will work. Now I just need to sew a bit too, and I think we are home free.
But that was only for day 1...Day 2 is still an enigma. All I know is that I will be wearing black..


  1. Have fun in Hildesheim! It's close to my home. ;-)

  2. Gabriela VenturiniAugust 4, 2011 at 4:24 AM

    Adora, I know it is not the subject of your post but I need to ask you: have you ever made "brigadeiros"?
    I live in Brasil and "brigadeiros" are one of the most popular candy recipes here. I can assure you, everybody loves it! Maybe should be a bit too sweet for whom is not used to it but I guess people can dead with it (hehe). I know you love to cook so if someday you make them, please post to us! I'll try to make your cupcakes (altought my lack of cooking skills) cuz they just look so delicious! The recipe I found on this site is the traditional one, but there're way more ways to do it.

    (no,it's not a virus, hehehe)

    And let me tell you, one day I'll flight to Sweden just to meet you in person and take a photo of you to make a poster (so,when this day comes, don't freak out if you see a maniac with a camera,it's me). YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS! A queen, with two little princess, one amazing prince and, of course, a king :)

    A huge kiss (cof cof, a hug, I don't know if goths kiss) from a brazilian fan!


  3. I love lenses, but I'm bit cautious buying them because I'm afraid of consequences if they are badly made.
    So do you know of any good online store that ship internationally? I live SI Europe.

  4. Hi Adora,

    i hope we´ll see each other at M´era Luna, and i hope you don´t mind me talking to you :P
    I hope that i´ll have the guts to talk to you :)

    I´m really looking forward to your outfit, as usual :)

    Have fun there!


  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your gorgeous outfits :D

    Have fun @ M'era Luna <3

  6. I don't think you should worry about your outfit, you always look fabolus! I really adore you and your style, can't wait for your cool outfit(i know it will be, it's you!)
    Have fun at M'era Luna ^^

  7. don't panic because of us germans ;) I'm sure you both will look absolutely amazing

  8. awww Adora, everything you write just makes me smile *goth giggles* hahaha.... I love your bonkers little self it reminds me of me and my girlfriend when we get silly! <3

  9. will you do some meet-up like at last year's mera luna? :) I couldn't make it last year, but I think it would be amazing =)
    and: you always look gorgeous, no matter what you wear ;)

  10. Hello, sweet love, I always see your blog, I love "the section" outfit, but when you talk about Mera Luna, I wondered if this year shalt a video as the year 2008. I love your videos, shame there is no more, bloody Kisses For You. Anacksa.

  11. I think you will look amazing as usual, I wish I could go to Mera Luna one day. If so I hope I can meet you there.