Friday, August 5, 2011

Todays outfit

Todays style was *Shopping*! One of my favorite sports.
One of the few sports I can indulge myself in for hours and hours...
I bought a few things for Synthia's birthday party on Saturday, and I even had the time to buy something small for myself <3
I'm wearing my "grown up" make up today because of lack of time. I do love myself better with goth make up. Okay, this works, I still think I look cute, but it looks so adult and parenting!

I'm wearing: top and dotted stockings by H&M, gloves by Lindex or H&M, skirt; heavily altered by me, shoes by Demonia.

This is the most fun I've had in years weeks days.
I wonder which bags weight more?
Oops! Perhaps I did a shopping overdose?
 I might get away with it if I look really, really cute ;*
 So what? I'm busted and this is a mug shot! If you can't do the time, don't do the crime...
I'll be back on the streets before you can say grounded!


  1. Adora, you look 100 times more beautiful with this kind of make-up!!! cute stockings ^^

  2. adora, do you have knock knees? you often have the same shooting pose so it looks like concealing or something. kind regards

  3. PLEASE take a closer photo of how you did you makeup this day! PLEASE! I ADORE IT! It's so classic!

  4. I bet it is a sport with you ^_^

    The expressions are priceless.

  5. The makeup looks so beautiful!!!

  6. Love the make up!
    I wanna see it closer!

  7. Did you get a new foundation? For some reason you look a little different, but I've seen photos of you in "normal" makeup so I know it's not the lack of eyeliner that makes me think there's a difference. I can see your hair's been freshened up, it looks great!

    As for the second comment even though it's anonymous, no Adora isn't knock-kneed, you can tell by the last photo. I think she just really enjoys posing with her legs like that. I think it's cute!

    (Adora, I don't know if you know what the term "knock-knees" means, your second-to-last photo mimics it. The knees touch but the ankles have space between them. It doesn't mean anything bad, it's just how some people are born. I'm knock-kneed so that's how I know!)

  8. Loved the outfit and the make up! You look pretty cute in a "dark" way huauhuhauha x)

  9. Adora no matter how you do your make up..your face is already goth enough!:) i love the shape of your lips in the that your natural shape?

  10. Hello Adora, since the beggining of your blog you show us very beautiful looks :) can you say me what shoes are you wearing? demonia? I love them but don't see them on the net, can you help me? I thank you and send you a kiss! :*
    (i'm sorry for my bad english ;) )

  11. I ADORE you much more with this makeup than with your very exaggerated look. I mean, the "very goth" look could be fine for clubbing, not for shopping ;)
    Also, you look younger!

  12. I deffo think this make up is very nice, it makes you younger

  13. she never answers your comments or questions either here or on facebook, you losers ... that's how great she is. it's nauseating.

  14. wow, this suits you so much better! I like it heaps more than your way too gothy make up :)

  15. I love those pictures. You look adorable in all of them. I love your make up too!

  16. I like your regular make up better, it's more you ;D

  17. Hello fellow blogger,

    I love your blog, but I love your green hair even more. I wish I could get away with awesome hair like that!