Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My tattoo's: No 1, Blue butterfly

At the age of 12 I decided to tattoo a butterfly when I was allowed (we have an 18 years restriction in Sweden).
Remember, as I vampire, I have lived many decades before you and are sprung from another time.
When I was young, and not yet a vampire, only sailors and hookers had tattoo's. There were only 3-4 tattoo studios in all of Sweden and no piercing studios to be found..only for earrings. It was a tough time to be alternative...

-Mum, can I get a tattoo or have my nose pierced?
-If you MUST, get a piercing, at least it can be removed. *As if*

And, oh yes, I was (am) a big fan of Cicciolina's look by the time... I think I pulled it off quite good.
So me and my friend T went to an ear piercing studion and we convinced them to shoot us in the nose with their little gun. Worked out like a charm! Finally, my quest to look as beautiful as an India women could begin.
And then at 18 I travelled all the way to Malmö and hook up with Kenneth Fong, a cool Asian tattooist famous in Sweden (now dead).
I got my little blue butterfly on my upper left arm I decided on as a 12 year old (which is the age when I went alternative). It costed 120 SEK/$18.
When I came back to school it was the talk of the year. I was the ONLY one in a school with 900 students with a tattoo! I guess it's not like that any more.
Now I was wierd for real.
I hide it from my mum 1-2 years. Grandma thought it was cute <3
Nowadays a butterfly is a bit nerdy I guess, but for me it's the dreams of a 12 year old girl that is put there. I like the way she used to think.
Although I now have a bigger tattoo attached to it, I never want to cover it.
And that''s my butterfly story <3


  1. Det är ju himla fint! En supersöt historia!

  2. thats a cute butterfly story adora hehe yeah its crazy now a days anyone can get one pretty much, everyone wants a tattoo now a days, i got my first tat when i was 15 and now have 7 and still planning on covering most of my entire body :), i also became alt. at age 12 :)

  3. aw, this is such a cute story!

  4. You were the only one with a tattoo in your it's totally different: i think i'm the ONLY one WITHOUT a tattoo in my whole town...:)

  5. Wow, big boobs! XD

  6. it reminds me about a Cicciolina's song called Pipistrello (in Italian it means Bat) it talks about a bat that would be a little cute butterfly :) it was his only dream and finally he become a pink butterfly

  7. You are only 1 year older than me and I lived in Gothenburg. 1989 I shoot my nose and got it pierced :o)) Childreen looked and pointed at me :o))
    And I found a danish who tatood me in 1990 a butterfly in green on my wrist!
    Nowdays everybody has a tatoo and a piercing, but once you and I was among the first!

  8. Så söt fjäril! Men det fanns en tatuerare utanför kalmar, mellan kalmar och oskarshamn, jag gjorde min första där...när jag va 18, men den va väll inte direkt så snygg, så det va nog bra att du åkte ner hit! Jag piercade näsan 86 tror jag..i nån liten smyckes affär i stockholm, i gamla stan...min mamma va inte alls glad,,nu hade hon troligen varit glad om jag bara hade haft den..haha...

    Jag ska tatuera över min första, men det är för att den är blekt och kass...har sparat en som va min tredje som malin ritade :-)
    Spännande att veta va;-)

  9. jag gillar verkligen din stil, att du inte gav upp ditt "jag" när du fick barn fascinerar mej!! förresten, visst är det din syster som är modell på kawaiidesign? ( )

    Ha det gött!

  10. what's the meaning of the other tattoo

  11. ADORA plz make tell us the meaning of your other tattoos as well!!!!

  12. You're definitely a true alternative girl! Most do it for the shock/attention factor but you were born to be gothalicious!

    And it's kind of sad that tattoos are so common now...but yours is very special.

    Btw you had wonderful boobs and bum (^_^)


  13. Adora, how old are you in thise pictures?

  14. i think it would be a great idea to have a thread talking about your other tattoo(the half sleeve) and the meaning behind it:)))

  15. Thank's :)
    The other tattoo's storys will follow...
    @Raffyka: How lovely! I'm so glad you told me! It feels like my song now *going to youtube* Thank you for telling me <3

    @Anonymous: My Cicciolina period have been on-off for years, but at this picture I'm 28, and on the pictures with pink tiara I'm 30.

  16. Adora, vilken är din naturliga hårfärg? Och hur ofta brukar du färga utväxt ungefär? Jag har rätt mörkbrunt hår i mig själv men vill så gärna bli blond fast vet inte om jag vågar :( och en sista fråga, har du några tips för hur man kan hålla håret så starkt och friskt som möjligt om man bleker?


  17. Adora, all your tattoos are great.
    I have request- please, post other parts of "M'era Luna festival 2011". It would be great to see your other photos and, of course, your second outfit. I cannot wait, I only saw pictures on your facebook but I could not see what you had worn directly and clearly. I was dying to understand the meaning of your tattoos but I am afraid that in that mess you will forget about previous series, which (at least for me) definitely needs to be finalized.
    By the way, I think that butterfly suits you perfectly- it is delicate and beautiful as lace but it is also symbol of the strenght for me- butterfly has to defeat its weak body of the maggot to bloom like a flower. It represents inner evolution and taking power over body. And your perfect look represents the beauty and determination inside you.

    PS. Sorry for my english. I am sure that there is a lot of mistakes but i think that my opinion is rather visible.

  18. Tattoos really are much more common place among the youth than they were in your day! I saw all kinds of kids with tattoos when I was in high school.

  19. Wow, jag ochså vil ha;O
    Can u show pictures of all your tattoos (= ?

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  21. This reminds me of the song "Little Blue Butterfly" by Death in June ;)

  22. Nice nip-slip =3 Huhu!

  23. you are welcome Adora ^^ I like her so I know almost everything about her

    here's the song... It's a trash italian song, however xD

  25. oh my goodness, I don't know what it is but you look so beautiful in these pictures, even more than usual!! I didn't think that was possible...
    is jealous now.