Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Todays outfit

My computer is treating me with no respect lately and makes me sit and wait until she's ready to do whatever. Such a bitch.
I've been out grocery shopping for Synthia's Birthday Disco Party on Friday.
Shopping can be very tiering ;)
Orchestra jacket from H&M as skirt.
On Friday I have have a new premiere here on my blog. Don't forget to check in!


  1. Love your jacket! It goes lovely with your skirt :)

  2. Wow. In those fotos you look like in a high fashion show. So professional...

  3. oh, adora you look so young! you look like youre 20 or something. But you cant possibly be 20 since you have been mariied for ten years and have 3 kids! anyway what im saying is you look young and you look so beatuful, always. Dont ever change:) oh, and i like the black lipstic. kiss:*

  4. Where did you buy that jacket??? I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. The outfit looks smashing as always...But, these shoes, Adora-are you kidding me?

  6. Soo beautiful, you're cute (: !
    I love it!