Sunday, August 28, 2011

Todays outfit

I haven't been sick for ages, but last week school started so the kids dragged home some jerm to my little nose that makes me sneeze, sneeze and SNEEZE. Gave me a fever and a clogged nose as well - that hurts so I think I'm getting sinusitis again ;(

BUT - as the fantastic mother I am I doped up on painkillers to be able to go on a boat trip with our kids. Even panic baked cinnamon/apple cupcakes and raspberry cupcakes to bring, just 30 minutes before departure.
As a kid I used to go out on boat trips with my grandpa Harry's fishing boat all the time, and today, standing out on deck, I got that same feeling hearing the water against the fore. I lik the feeling. I was a total nature kid *who'd know*


  1. No one gives a shit love...

  2. Actually, "Anonymous," many people give a shit. She has 2 Facebook pages packed with friends and fans. A blog that tons of people follow and adore. I think, in fact, that what people don't give a shit about--is YOU. I now understand why you had to leave such a douchy comment. Loser.

    Adora: I love boat rides as well. And I love your life! unlike Anonymous, I can enjoy other peoples happiness...trivial or not.

  3. Some studies have shown that the best way to relieve stress is to do something that you loved to do as a child.

    As a student starting school on the 18th of August, I've caught a cold. Yuck. I know the public schools I go to (and went to) pushed the ideal of washing your hands after bathroom use and before meals, but .. *sigh*

    Get better soon!
    P.S. I give a shit

  4. i never leave comments anywhere but i just had to say....its funny that someone would say "no one gives a shit love" when clearly that person gives a shit...since they took the time to read your post and write a comment :) everyone here clearly gives a shit!

  5. Oh with that green hair, like we didn't know you loved nature, Adora! ;)

  6. Poor Anonymous. Daddy never came to your ball games?

    Don't worry, Adora! The amount of shit given is gastronomical. :D

  7. *Do Not Feed The Troll*

    I hope you get better soon, Adora!

  8. I hope you get well soon Adora. And I do give a shit.

  9. This week i'm sick too... I had strange fever (first 38, and the day before 35...) and now I have so much catarrh.. :S I know what you're feeling hehe! Hope you get well soon, and just don't care of that little bitch called "Anonymous" ^^

  10. I give a shit about you too!!! I think everyone's been a little under the weather lately... I'm so glad to see somebody else with children who isn't super bland and boring, I have four daughters and I get the craziest looks when I tell people that lol you are a beautiful mommy <3 <3 take care from Texas.

  11. I give a shit.

    Get better soon! x :-)

  12. @Anonymous: If you knew how much shit was given, you would suffer an aneurysm.

    Adora,Just keep on being Joyous!
    And yes, right now, Strep throat is going around :( It's AWFUL!
    You can't swallow ANYTHING!