Friday, August 19, 2011

Todays trip - IKEA

Seems my ass still wanna sail down a road for hours and hours... just as the 12 hour trip back from M'era Luna was not enough.
We took a trip to IKEA, Kalmar, to buy "me" a Flåren cabinet to keep my make up in. I'm getting tired of getting my husbands hairspray over everthing making it look dusty all the time.
I need to save my darlings! and Flåren/Flaren was the answer.
IKEA and I am not the best of friends since an IKEA wardrobe tried to kill my Synthia but I will give it another shot. Most of the time I've been very happy with the products. But stop trying to kill my kids, God dammit!

The kitty-cats got a new sleeping basket as well <3

I'm so happy my make up will find a new home :) and the fact I can soon bring out my Friday glass!


  1. the guy in the background of the picture with you posing looks creepy xD

  2. you're so pretty . You look good in any pictures and I love the way you dress your kids .

  3. Hi! I'm a swedish goth and i really like your blog, it's AWESOME! and your children are wonderful and you and your husband to:D well now to my causation : Are you Swedish?

    have an awesome day at IKEA:)


  4. take a photo of your Flaren with make up, please ^___^

  5. I know how you feel. Me and Ikea aren't BBF's either XD

    But I do like the closet you choice!